Friday, May 3, 2019

Provide an account of a particular community group or community Issue Essay

set aside an account of a particular community group or community Issue using concepts move from sociology and social polict - Essay ExampleThe Pennine hold 2000 association is a statutory group that has been the social landlord in Calderdale since 2001 voted in by tenants to own and manage the Councils rented housing units, dealing with all aspects of the Council community and housing (Pennine Housing). The Pennine Housing staff is dedicated to ensuring a positive experience for their tenants, even when this means dealing with conflict amid neighbours and complaints about certain tenants. This organisation is responsible for the assessment of community crime as well as the administration of justice for all parties involved.The Anti Social Behaviour Team was set up as a vital part of the Pennine Housing 2000 organisation specifically to deal with community disturbances that involved hoi polloi whose actions can be classified as anti social in other words, state who be possess ed of trouble integrating into the community in a positive way. Anti social behaviour spans from disturbing neighbours with loud music to allowing your children to run around the community unsupervised m either different actions are cover under the umbrella of the Anti Social Behaviour Team. The Team vows firm action against any people who choose to make their neighbours lives a misery (Pennine Housing 2000 website).Social exclusio... This alienation can affect most all aspects of life, including income, employment, social standing and the availability of other opportunities (Pierson, 2002, 26). Although it is the aim of the Pennine Housing 2000 organisation to eliminate any kind of social elision from their jurisdiction, the stigma of Council housing perseveres and often leads to a feeling of national exclusion on the part of the tenants. The tungsten Yorkshire Police Force is working together with Pennine Housing to address anti social behaviour and youth crimes the Police For ce recognises the fact that it cannot give the matter the full aid it requires due to other responsibilities Pennine Housing is therefore essentially keeping track of anti social trends in troubled council neighbourhoods and is responsible for offering effective solutions to the crime problems in West Yorkshire. Due to Pennine Housing recommendations, the West Yorkshire Police are sending letters to the parents of children who engage in anti social activities, patrolling extra hours and prehend more youths for crimes that have been overlooked in the past (West Yorkshire Police online). Community Groups, Statutory Groups and Effects on PolicingA Guardian article suggests that the key to defeating crime in certain neighbourhoods, such as Council housing estates, is to promote social cohesion (Reiner 2004). Social cohesion - what happens when a community is close, bonded and working together for commons goals and a better future for subsequent generations (Barchas and Mendoza, 1984, pp.3-4) - is something that other Yorkshire groups are working towards as well as Pennine Housing. The Children and Young Peoples Partnership is dedicated to the prevention of anti social behaviour and crime in young

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