Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Piracy Case Essay

In general I do support the act of piracy in certain ways. Piracy does non mean it is bad some may disagree or agree the term piracy is debatable on different perspective. Lets show an example if we look at piracy in an objective way it is bad, but what if we change it to a subjective perspective? The term piracy is debatable. The issuance of piracy is actually quite hypocritical because societies mainly do it even though they know it is illegal. Of course in general our corporation thinks that piracy is a bad liaison, because some resources are license .Take an examples for movies or games, these developers strive hard to produce these entertainment purpose, but by downloading privately it will waste their efforts as their sales of the product decreases. Some people say that piracy is a commodity thing its true piracy may be a good thing because it affects our current society on a larger scale no matter in education, entertainment, or any other field.What Google is trying to do here is to reduce the act of piracy, but we all know it is a hard task. The internet itself actually opens up a wide field for piracy if we want put a stop piracy we might as well ban the usage of internet. Sometimes piracy is a good thing because we know that the internet consist of all source of information by downloading it, people from all around the world can benefit from it. Some society that came from rural areas couldnt afford the resources, so they have to use an alternative way to acquire them. By doing so the act of piracy could be good. To break up it we could say that the act of piracy is actually good in some way .In my opinion I think it goes both ways.

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