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Female circumssion in Africa Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Female circumssion in Africa - Assignment eccentricFemale circumcision, womanly genital mutilation (FGM), and female genital cutting (FGC) all define the cultural come of totally or partially removing the external female genitals or genitalia (Bacquet-Walsh, Jordan and Moneti par. 1). The World wellness Organization (WHO) (par. 1) describes female genital mutilation (FGM) as all methods that entail the total or partial remotion of the female external genitalia, or other form of injury to the female organs for reasons that are non-medical. The to the lowest degree form of FGC is the removal of the clitoris. The removal of the whole external genitalia is the most severe type of FGC the vaginal opening of the victim is nearly closed. A small opening is left for menstrual blood and water supply (Bacquet-Walsh, Jordan and Moneti par. 1).Althaus (130) states that female circumcision has been practiced for a long time in parts of Africa and it is considered as an element of Lords Sup per passage in preparation for the young girls marriage and womanhood. The procedure is usually performed in the absence of an anaesthetic and/or under septic environments by individuals (practitioners) with little or no knowledge of medicine or human anatomy. In other words, the practice is usually performed by traditional circumcisers who play a pregnant role in the community like attending childbirths. However, the trend is changing and it is being performed by health care providers (WHO par. 2). Medical professionals also perform the practice for a fee. Among the population, FGM/FGC can be carried out by male barbers, herbalists, a female relative, members of the secret society, and traditional health practitioners (United Nations Population Fund UNFPA par. 8).FGM or female circumcision is recognized globally as the violation of girls and womens human rights. It expresses the deep-rooted inequality between the sexes and entails an natural type of discrimination against the wom en. It is normally carried out on small girls and it is a

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