Friday, May 24, 2019

Autopsy at a Crime Scene

1. Which technique is the best choice when subscriber line is open up at a crime shot? In the genetic science laboratory (under resources at the bottom of the window), who is one individual that contributed to modern genetic analysis? What did this person contribute? * The best choice of a technique when blood is found at a crime scene is taking samples. In the genetics laboratory the person who contributes to modern genetic analysis is the crime scene technician. This person makes the crime scene freeze. 2. How are computers wasting diseased in fingerprint analysis? * Computers are used in fingerprint analysis because they scan the fingerprints found and they see if they can find the exact match on the computer. 3. Who is a start in fingerprint analysis? Describe a famous occurrence that this person was involved in.* A pioneer in fingerprint analysis is Edward Foster. A famous case he was once involved in was watchfulness Fresh Paint. It was about fingerprints that were left in wet paint next to the murder victim. . What is the role of the forensic chemist in crime scene investigation? * The role of the forensic chemist in a crime scene investigation is that they analyze chemicals, organic and inorganic samples. They identify components using many tests. 5. Who helped pioneer forensic chemistry? Describe one of her famous cases. * France Mc. Gill helped pioneer forensic chemistry. One of her famous cases was about she found a strong poison in two elders muffins and it killed them.Turns out it was the granddaughter, her intent was to give them to her dad. 6. In the ballistics laboratory, what is the pissing tank used for? Describe the analysis. * In the ballistics laboratory the water tank is used to determine if a bullet found at the crime scene actually came from the suspects weapon. They have to use some other bullet from the same gun. They shoot it into a water tank and it slows it down and stops it so that they can collect it intact. 7. Who help ed pioneer ballistics analysis? What did he contribute? Wilfred Derome helped pioneer ballistics analysis. He contributed the first forensic lab in North America. 8. Why is measuring and diagramming the scene essential? * It is important to measure and diagram the crime scene because they sketch these and later they are put onto the computer for an accurate plan.9. What materials or tools would a crime scene technician use? * The materials that a crime scene technician would use would be a camera, polilight, measurements and diagramming, relevant prints, and sample taking. 0. From the activity and the information it had, what aspect of an investigation do you think youd most like to work in? For example, would you prefer one of the laboratories? What appeals to you about this particular aspect of the investigation? * From this activity and the information it had I think the fount of aspect of an investigation I would like to work in would be the genetics laboratory. The thing that appeals to me is how they collect DNA and how they can match it to a indisputable person.

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