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Free Research Paper

Free Research Paper Free Research Paper Free Research Paper What is my supposition about free examination paper?â I don't care for it.â I imagine that free exploration paper is acceptable just when utilized for instance of the format.â Otherwise, it ought not be duplicated and submitted as your own. Most colleges have a style manage itemizing arranging and introduction prerequisites for scholastic exploration paper composing (separating, required areas, greatest length, and so forth.) which you should follow. Getting a duplicate of this early, and composing all your part drafts in the endorsed style, can spare a great deal of time later. On the off chance that you ask your administrator or different understudies, you might have the option to acquire an electronic record organized in the necessary paper style. In the event that your college has no specific standards for research paper designing and introduction, at that point your expert judgment and the standard of consistency ought to be utilized. Peruse other English exploration paper s in your library and diary articles so as to find out general principles apply in your control and structure of headings best helps the clearness of the content. Watch for good and awful instances of the utilization of intense and italic sort, text dimensions, etc. Composing an exploration paper talk with your consultant however much as could reasonably be expected, it will assist you with keeping away from numerous errors. Exploration Paper Ideas At long last, you should peruse a printed copy of your examination paper composing through and through, reviewing your paper structure, contentions and searching for syntactic issues. (A few people can alter scholarly exploration paper composing effectively on screen. Be that as it may, a great many people are increasingly exact in altering a printed duplicate of the paper, and it is the printed duplicate that your inspectors will peruse, so we suggest utilizing a printed version for definite altering.) Your last draft ought to in a perfect world be completely altered by another person who is detached with the examination, and who can peruse the paper from beginning to end, focusing on spelling, language, arranging, articulation and introduction. This stage is significant for all understudies in acquiring a last fastidious check, yet especially significant if English isn't your first language. This last 'manager' might be a companion or relative, or even an expert editorial manager. It should be a local English-speaker if conceivable, and ought to positively be somebody who composes well and who is equipped for cautious tender loving care. In the event that you need research paper help, you can unreservedly approach us for assistance.â We are open every minute of every day to assist you with research paper composing whenever of day and night.â High quality examination paper is an assurance of passing mark and your magnificent scholastic record. Try not to stop for a second to ge t in touch with us in the event that you need more data about our examination paper composing administration.

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Science and Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Science and Religion - Essay Example Likewise, through breaking down logical confirmations in correlation with strict doctrine, this paper will introduce balance assessment without preference to discover reality. Both science and religion are significant parts of human lives. Thought of this significant issue will most likely assistance people to see the importance and suggestions in our lives to accomplish a progressively important life. The contention among religion and science had voyage far in the field of mankind's history. Route back in the time when the congregation emphatically accepted the authoritative opinion scattered by antiquated rationalists that the sun and all the planets were spinning around the earth. A strict hatred excited when Copernicus presented the idea of heliocentric framework, wherein the sun was the essential issue and all the planets and eminent bodies were spinning around it. The contention conflicted when an increasingly forceful Astronomer in the individual of Galileo Galilei bolstered t he Copernican hypothesis after he found the telescope and accordingly articulated liable and condemned by the Pope into a house capture going through the most recent eight years of his life (Zoledziowski, 1993). Numerous individuals accept that Galileo’s position has left a permanent imprint as an incredible triumph of science over religion. The impacts of warmed debate among science and religion are as yet being felt today. From that point forward, numerous unequivocally accepted that science and religion became mortal foes and miserably inconsistent. Throughout the hundreds of years, experimentally slanted people have been estranged from religion since they assumed that religion would be an inalienable danger to logical advancement. On the opposite side, strict people will in general accept that science prompts annihilation of confidence on the grounds that scientists’ distortion of realities subverts the convictions of the devout. Such one is William Provine’ s, understanding of Darwin’s hypothesis of advancement. Provine is an educator in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the recognized Cornell University, As Butt (2005) noted Provine’s understanding in his keynote address that Darwin’s naturalistic development is splendidly comprehended that one of the away from of this hypothesis is thinking about existence has no extreme significance. In the event that life is a result of development instead of by formation of a savvy planner, subsequently, life’s presence has no unmistakable reason. In present day history, apparently the essential thought of the contention of science and religion is about the evaluation of the universe and its laws, and the very presence of life. While the strict gatherings unequivocally accept that life and the universe are made by a superpower god, or gods, a few researchers seriously deny this conviction since they dismiss the possibility of marvels, and they gruffl y declare that all the laws that oversee the universe and the very presence of life on earth can be elucidated by consistent investigation, just as denying the perfect intercession. By characterizing the words religion and science we may apparently comprehend why the contention emerges. Clearly, the definition presents two distinct thoughts starting from various parts of human practices. Religion is essentially identified with confidence, particularly confidence on a superpower divinity that made all things however not viewed. Then again, science is the precise investigation of powers, nature and its turn of events, source of species, wherein convincing suppositions must be founded on examination of proof as opposed to intercession of perfect powers. Be that as it may, recognizably, while science is exact in deciphering the things that encompass us, past the limit of science is uncovering of issues identified with ethical quality and otherworldly significance

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Your college application motivation soundtrack for September

Your college application motivation soundtrack for September Were big fans of Spotify here on the blogs and have been for awhile. You can go back to 2012 to Qiaochus post about his life in the cloud; back to 2014 for my post on how I read applications; Nishas post in 2018 about how much much she loves Spotify; and Abbys post about the bloggers collective Spotify wrapped. Its crazy to me how much Spotify has justsolved what used to be hard music problems.01 Last year, I made an offhand reference to the students in my CMS class about the RIAA lawsuits that were common during my undergraduate days and they were shocked. Yes, if you wanted to just sample a new song or album before you paid anything for it, you used to have to download copies illegally, from sketchy filesharing networks, and they were usually horrible quality and maybe spliced with random noise by trolls, and then there was some nonzero anxiety-inducing chance you might get sued for tens of thousands of dollars for the effort. Last week, a (non-blogger) friend of mine asked friends for suggestions for an August motivation playlist. This got me thinking that it might be nice to create a collaborative playlist, curated by the bloggers, to provide motivational music for you, dear reader, the imagined stressed-out senior reading this post as you go about the various tasks of trying to apply to college. So, after chatting about it with some of the current bloggers in our messenger chat, I emailed the blogger list and said: Please feel free to contribute let’s say 3..5 songs (just to keep things distributed well) that you think would be helpful for a high schooler to have on hand in the September period of the application (drafting essays, asking teachers for LORs, etc). If it gets some Promising Content, then I’ll blog it tomorrow.   It did, and here it is! Feel free to subscribe and I hope it helps motivate you through the season; theres obviously a variety of songs here,02 Even though it has my name on the playlist, all the songs were selected by bloggers. And, fair warning, I didnt listen to all of them them or censor anything, so yknow, use your judgment before blasting it while babysitting or whatever. but hopefully that will also help people discover new music too. And, on that note, if you have your own application motivational playlists/songs, feel free to drop them in the comments below for other folks reading the blogs to sample! Last year, I made an offhand reference to the students in my CMS class about the RIAA lawsuits that were common during my undergraduate days and they were shocked. Yes, if you wanted to just sample a new song or album before you paid anything for it, you used to have to download copies illegally, from sketchy filesharing networks, and they were usually horrible quality and maybe spliced with random noise by trolls, and then there was some nonzero anxiety-inducing chance you might get sued for tens of thousands of dollars for the effort. back to text ? Even though it has my name on the playlist, all the songs were selected by bloggers. And, fair warning, I didn't listen to all of them them or censor anything, so y'know, use your judgment before blasting it while babysitting or whatever. back to text ?

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Baggie Chemistry Experiments

Overview An ordinary ziploc bag can unlock a world of interest in chemistry and in the reactions within and around us. In this project, safe materials are mixed to change colors and produce bubbles, heat, gas, and odor. Explore endothermic and exothermic chemical reactions and help students develop skills in observation, experimentation, and inference. These activities are targeted for students in grade 3, 4, and 5, although they may also be used for higher grade levels. Objectives The purpose is to generate student interest in chemistry. Students will observe, experiment, and learn to draw inferences. Materials These quantities are suitable for a group of 30 students to perform each activity 2-3 times: 5-6 plastic ziploc-style bags per lab group5-6 clear plastic vials or test tubes (may be used instead of baggies)1 gallon bromothymol blue indicator 10-ml graduated cylinders, one per lab groupteaspoons, 1-2 per lab group3 pounds calcium chloride (CaCl2, from chemical supply house or from store selling this type of road salt or laundry aid)1-1/2 pounds sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3, baking soda) Activities Explain to the students that they will be performing chemical reactions, making observations about the results of these reactions, and then designing their own experiments to explain their observations and test hypotheses that they develop. It may be helpful to review the steps of the scientific method. First, direct the students to spend 5-10 minutes exploring the lab materials using all of their senses except taste. Have them write down their observations regarding the way the chemicals look and smell and feel, etc.Have the students explore what happens when the chemicals are mixed in baggies or test tubes. Demonstrate how to level a teaspoon and measure using a graduated cylinder so that students can record how much of a substance is used. For example, a student could mix a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate with 10 ml of bromothymol blue solution. What happens? How does this compare with the results of mixing a teaspoon of calcium chloride with 10 ml of indicator? What if a teaspoon of each solid and the indicator are mixed? Students should record what they mixed, including quantities, the time involved to see a reaction (warn them that everything will happen very fast!), the color, temperature, odor, or bubbles involved... anything they can record. There should be observations such as:Gets hotGets coldTurns yellowTurns greenTurns blueProduces gasShow students how these observations can be written down to describe rudimentary chemical reactions. For example, calcium chloride bromothymol blue indicator -- heat. Have the students write out reactions for their mixtures.Next, students can design experiments to test hypotheses they develop. What do they expect to happen when quantities are changed? What would happen if two components are mixed before a third is added? Ask them to use their imagination.Discuss what happened and go over the meanings of the results.

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The Legal Definition Of Terrorism - 960 Words

Most citizens would define terrorism as using force to influence or change a political decision, â€Å"the legal definition of terrorism has very high importance† (Hodgson). This is because it determines which actions count as acts of terrorism, and hence who is regarded as a terrorist, but also because the definition of terrorism opens up a range of controversy of police and prosecutorial powers. Terrorism has always been an iffy subject to talk about and define. In its original text, terrorism was closely associated with the ideals of virtue and democracy. Terrorism now is the harming and/or killing of civilians and the damaging of property while causing economic harm for the reasons that the terrorist are trying to portray by violence. Understanding all the pieces to the puzzle the government and Americans go through on a daily basis, most would agree that terrorism is the worst thing to happen in the world, aren’t physically able to handle it, but are asked to deal with it while the government and military try to find a positive solution. Terrorism is something people in the world need to understand the true meaning of, and it means the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political point. When looking at the outline of terrorism from the outside point of view there are three different ways to see it: the terrorist’s, the victim’s, and the general public’s. â€Å"The phrase â€Å"one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter† is a view terrorists themselves wouldShow MoreRelatedGovernmental Agencies and Terrorism640 Words   |  3 PagesAfter the 9/11 attacks the word terrorism became etched in the worlds vocabulary. The word Terrorism immediately brings up images of bombings and hooded figures making demands on a home video. But when organizations tasked with defending against the treat of terrorism, begin to shape their operations, it also shape tire definition. The gathering and analysis of intelligence is the driving force in the Central Intelligence agency (CIA). So much so that it’s right in the name. So when the CIARead MoreThe Issue Of International Law1695 Words   |  7 Pages(including terrorism), whilst respecting individual state sovereignty and maintaining maximum participation of states. How effective is International Law in achieving this aim? What are the pitfalls and how might these be removed or the effects ameliorated? The term terrorism originated during the French revolution (1789-1799), referring to attempts by the new regime to consolidate its power and intimidate opponents who still supported the old monarchy. Ironically, many definitions of terrorism excludeRead MoreThe U.s. Military Response985 Words   |  4 Pagesresponsibility for terrorist acts. This essay aims to argue that such change has been significant and it has satisfactorily countenanced states’ response to terrorism by presenting evidence of new state practice plus opinio juris in this area. To do so, this essay will first discuss the controversial concept of terrorism and its relevance to the legal framework for the use of armed force in international law. From here, it will move to explicate the principles of and grounds for state responsibility asRead MoreTerrorism And Its Effects On Terrorism Essay1442 Words   |  6 PagesTerrorism iscertainly not innovative and despite the fact it has been documented throughout h istory, it is moderately difficult to define what terrorism is. When discussing terrorism, it is publicly implied as either utilizing or threatingthe brutality in order to supplement a political cause, which can be confusing as there isn’t a universally approved definition towards terrorism. For instance, the Global Terrorism Index hasanalysed that 64,000 people were killed by specific enactments of terrorismRead More The Terrorist’s Extradition Loophole Essay1064 Words   |  5 Pagesprotect terrorists, whether or not that is their actual intention. It also gives the terrorist legal recourse to avoid extradition for the crimes that were committed. If nothing else, this exemption allows the terrorist to stall the process of justice while awaiting a ruling on whether the terrorist act should be considered a â€Å"political offense.† The United Nations has condemned all forms of terrorism, but what exactly that means is still up for debate. Most states would probably be willing toRead MoreDirector Of Fice Of Homeland Security Essay1497 Words   |  6 Pagesinclude information which I believe will help assist each department head present to better understand homeland security function and responsibility to ensure the security of our city. Also include is the legal basis for Homeland Security, description, mission statement, the definitions of terrorism foreign and domestic, hazards with summary to 5 key points. Fact: Homeland Security Act of 2002 Public Law 107-296 107th Congress, was ratified by the US Senate and House of Representatives to safeguardRead MoreTerrorism, Cia, And South America1062 Words   |  5 PagesTerrorism, CIA, and South America Terrorism. This word has caused more change in the 21st century than any other thought, policy, or idea. This change can not only be seen in the political realm, but in the academic realm as well. Since the attacks on September 11, the study and research of terrorism has grown exponentially. One area of research that is gaining popularity is whether or not the United States itself has participated in acts of terrorism as defined by the CIA. The largest of theseRead MoreTerrorism Between Terrorism And Terrorism1207 Words   |  5 PagesQuestion † What trends are evident in terrorism over the past 5 years? How have these trends impacted on the ways in which counter terrorism has responded in the Australian context? Introduction Terrorism poses a serious security challenge to the Australia and globally as it prevalence has increased over a decade although less attacks occur in the Western nations. The purpose of this assignment is to examine what trends and terrorist tactics are evident internationally over the past 5 years andRead MoreThe Menace of Bioterrorism: A Strict Policy and a Universal Legal Framework Necessary1070 Words   |  4 Pagespaper seeks to look at the legal pitfalls that exist in reference to the idea of bio terrorism and the difficulty that there are in addressing the idea at a global level. There are real legal obstacles or shortcomings to the war against terror and in particular to the idea of bioterrorism. It is quite unclear at the global level what agents constitute biological weapons, and for the few known or categorized agents, there is no definite quantity that has been given a global legal framework to be able toRead MoreA Behavioral Analysis Of John Brown s Martyr Or Terroris t1167 Words   |  5 PagesIn â€Å"A Behavioral Analysis of John Brown: Martyr or Terrorist,† James N. Gilbert effectively argues that John Brown’s inhumane actions clearly conform to a modern definition of a domestic terrorist. Gilbert argues that Brown justified his inhumane actions by proclaiming adherence to high political and moral values. Gilbert is a professor and former chair of the department of criminal justice at the University of Nebraska-Kearney who specializes in criminal investigative theory. In fact, Gilbert authored

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Becoming a Social Worker Free Essays

Becoming A Social Worker Sindy Griffin Rasmussen College Author Note This research is being submitted on June 10, 2011, For Ian Provo HS100/HUS1001 sec01 Introduction to Human Services at Rasmussen College by Sindy Griffin Growing up in the 1970’s where there were limited resources, and having an abusive father was very difficult for my mother and us four children. Having such difficult times as a child though no fault of my mothers and then being married to an abusive husband for 18 years myself, has given me the strength and desire to become a Human Service Worker. Becoming a Caseworker will be fulfilling a lifelong dream to help those in need no matter the crisis they may be seeking to cure. We will write a custom essay sample on Becoming a Social Worker or any similar topic only for you Order Now In realization becoming a Caseworker has many responsibilities. Some of the main responsibilities include:† Verifying information through interviews, applications, and applying regulations and memoranda to provide income to individuals and families. † (US Department of Labor, 2010-11). Optimizing client functioning by providing quality services in an efficient and effective manner to people with complex needs. Being a caseworker requires a strong foundation of training, values, knowledge, theory and skills. Clients who have been identified as in need as the result of an outreach or referral service can be assisted by a caseworker, which must then conduct face-to-face assessments of the client’s strengths and weaknesses, as to conduct research for financial and or institutional recourses that may be available for the client’s individual needs. Many resources may be used in this process to insure the client receives some if not all the requested needs. Some of the responsibilities are as follows: In a case where a client came to me and requested assistance to escape from an abusive husband, I would assist her first by analyzing her situation to properly resolve her immediate needs, such as shelter, food, clothing and etc. We would then progress to other needs such as legal, emotional and psychological support. Researching outside sources would become the most of priority to give the client the help she is requesting. We will also have many clients come forth with substance abuse problems as well. Again we must analyze his or her situation to determine what resources are available for the client. Whether it be simple counseling or a rehab center. We must then try talking to the client about what they think the best treatment plan would be for themselves to overcome their addiction. These situations have to be handled gently as not to scare the client away. Developing a relationship to the client is very important in this situation. Once this has been accomplished the client will be more acceptable to change and be prepared to move on to outside agencies or support groups to assist with their addiction. A Caseworker must also meet the required education standards which are as follows: â€Å"The social work case manager shall have a baccalaureate or graduation degree from a social work program accredited by the council on social work education. † (Workers, International Federation of Social) A social worker must also use professional skills for all clients they attempt to assist, while keeping the information confidential. They must also be knowledgeable as to the resources that are available to the client, as well as knowing the cost of such resources. The caseworker should be sure they can handle the caseload they attempt to assist as to not leave anyone out. Being very committed to our job is one of the main keys to being a successful caseworker. A Caseworker will also experience many challenges along the way. These challenges will have to be handled with a smile and lots of patients as to not let the client see that you may be distressed. Although there are many challenges we will face along the way, one of the main ones is the case overload. Many caseworkers today have an over abundance of cases at one time. This problem causes the paperwork process to be slow and seem as though we are not doing our job, causing the client to become frustrated and feel as if they are not getting your full attention. Being able to communicate with the client should be of utmost importance as well as assuring them that you will in fact complete their case as soon as possible. There are also many stress outlets that come along with our profession as well. We may face this on a daily basis as well. One of the most common in our field is rude clients and emotional attachment. The loyalty of a caseworker is often in the middle of a conflicting interest. † (Workers, International Federation of Social) Meaning that as we do our jobs as caseworkers, we may also come across situations that we have encountered ourselves as a non-caseworker and actually experience some sort of favoritism to the case at hand, in turn we this could cause a conflict with the interest of your remaining clients. Caseworkers must re member the urgency of all of their cases not just the ones that mean the most to them. Clients that become rude may only be acting in this manner because they feel as if they are being ignored and that they will not receive the proper assistance as quickly as they anticipated. This type of action may cause undue stress on the caseworker to complete their case. We must be able to some how assure the client we are working on their case as quickly as possible and they will be contacted as soon as it is complete. Handling stress that comes with being a caseworker can be quite challenging in itself. One of the first things I may try and do is try and remind myself of the reasons I chose to become a caseworker. Though our jobs may be stressful in many ways we have to remember the desire we had or have to help those in need. We may also learn that just simple things like taking a walk or stopping and making a phone call to a friend or colleague can reduce the amount of negative energy we may be experiencing. Co-workers can be great stress relievers as they too experience the stress that is closely related to what you may be feeling at that time, after all we are here to help one another not only help the client in need, but those who work closest to us as well. The reason I have chosen to become a Social Worker is that I have a strong desire to help those in need. No matter what their issue may be. I believe there is help out there for everyone. I want to be part of the reason some of the ones that are struggling in this world today will be able to find hope and succeed in their lives. Although my job will come with many challenges, requirements, and responsibilities, it will not let me forget the reward I will feel in my heart that someone somewhere is beginning a new life because we stopped long enough to let them no that they could. Just as â€Å"Jane Addams, who is considered the mother of all social workers said: Civilization is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men. She is known for being one of the most famous social workers of all times, using her training and education to do only good. † (Article Pros , n/d) . I too hope I can be one of the greatest Social Workers of all times. Conclusion Although there are many responsibilities and requirements in the caseworker field of employment, and the job consists of lots of commitment and research to assist clients with their psychological and physical needs. Case Workers must understand the complexity of all cases they have, as well as knowing who and where they need to refer the client to for their specific needs. Keeping in consideration the Caseworker poses so many challenges, stress and stress outlets, We as Caseworkers must remember that we are here to help those in need. They are like harmless children waiting to be saved from the world. Overcoming the many challenges and stressful situations is what we have been waiting to do our entire lives. We just have to remember the compassion and desire to be a Caseworker is instilled in us and we should never forget its value to the client in need or ourselves. By doing all these things we can make a difference in the world one case at a time. Becoming a Caseworker is my life long dream. Being able to help those in need will give me the fulfillment in my life I have been missing for so many years. Just waking in the morning and knowing that I could possibly save someone’s life or even just give them a sense of belonging makes all the esponsibilities, requirements, challenges, stress and commitment worth the effort. References Bibliography Article Pros . (n/d). Retrieved May 2011, from www. articalpros. com/self-improvement/phycology/artical-665318. htm. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Us Department of Labor. (2010-2011). Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-2011 Edition, Social Workers. Retrieved May 2011, from http://www. bls. gov/oco/ocos060. htm. Demand Media Inc. (1999-2011). http://ehow. com/about_514504_ caseworker-description-job-html. Retrieved May 2011 http://www. careerinformation. tml/e-p-a-c-s-c-a. (n/d). Retrieved May 2011 NASW National Association of Social Workers N. A. (2007). Retrieved May 2011, from www. socialworkers. org/pubs/code. asp. US Department of Labor. (2010-11). Http://www. bls. gov/oco/ocos060. htm. Retrieved May 02, 2011, from Bereau of labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011 Edition, Social Workers Workers, International Federation of Social. (n. d. ). International Association of Schools of Social Work. (FSW, Editor) Retrieved May 2011, from http://www. ifsw. org/f38000032. htm. How to cite Becoming a Social Worker, Papers

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Acer Revised free essay sample

Acer Inc. is a leading multinational electronics manufacturer. It is based in Taiwan Acerland. One of the largest franchised computer retail chains in Taiwan is owned by the company. After HP and Dell, comes Acer in terms of being the largest computer makers in the world. Its product line-up includes desktop and mobile PCs these are also referred to as laptops. The company also makes Personal digital assistants (PDAs), servers, displays, peripherals and e- business solutions for businesses, governments, education and home users. The Acer history is really an interesting one. Initially, the original owner of the company was called Stan Shih who together with his wife Carolyn Yeh and a group of five others had founded the company in 1976. At that time it was called Multitech. After Tom Acer bought it, he renamed it to the Acer group company. (Prahalal, 1989) The Acer Company began with a capital of $ 25,000 and eleven employees. We will write a custom essay sample on Acer Revised or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page At its initial stages, it only dealt in distribution of electronic parts and being a consultant in the use of microprocessor technologies. It has its headquarters in Hsichih city, Taiwan. Tom Acer managed the company well and with time it started having dealings in other areas. Acer started focusing on branding business in 2002. The company grew in size and expanded tremendously after reaching a decision of supporting the sales of its product lines through specific marketing activities, that utilize distribution channels effectively. (Luchs, 1996) The Acer Computer Company The Acer Company continued growing in size until it became really big. The problem that it faced at this juncture is that its labor force contracted. The employees that had been hired initially could not be able to deal with the increase in the workload that the Company experienced that time. Therefore other employees had to be recruited to be able to handle the workload efficiently. In 2002, the Acer group employed 39,000 people, supporting dealers and distributors in more than 100 countries. The performance of the Company made the U.S. get revenues of up to $ 12.9 billion that year. By the year 2005, Acer had employed 7,800 people throughout the world at the same time maintaining a global service network and sales. The U.S. continued getting an increase in its annual reviews from the Acer group. In Europe Acer made an association with Ferrari Formula 1 Team and the former F1 team, Post Grand Prix in 2001. These Companies offer a popular line of LCD monitors and Premium laptops with Ferrari branding. Recently, Acer has announced that it will sponsor the Formula one team until 2008.And in doing so; it has broadened and strengthened its relationship with Ferrari. New Ferrari line of products has recently been introduced to North America, by the Acer Company. (Prahalal, 1989) cer has faced the challenge of competing in the first changing information technology industry. This has necessitated it to reformulate its corporate strategies and change its organizational structures three times since the early 1990s. The last two changes have occurred within a two-year period to overcome the emerging internal problems and respond to imminent external changes. I n 1990, it suffered a huge loss in the overseas investments. The Company was questioned of its continued investment plans in the overseas where it was doing badly at the time. It was even criticized as moving very first. The shareholders and the employees did not offer much support to the company. The shareholders were very angry that the money they had so hard worked for was being lost to overseas operations. A solution had to be reached at, very first if the shareholders’ money was to be recovered. The Company came up with a new strategy of â€Å"global brand, local touch†. This solved most of the problems that Acer was encountering at the time such as finance brand, name image, and management efficiency. In doing so, it rewrote the rules of the old tradition where multinational companies only went global instead of concentrating with the local market too. This made Acer become the number one Computer brand in Latin America, South East Asia and the Middle East. Acer Company faced the problem of establishing an effective Multinational management. It was too much for the Company to manage its businesses in other countries locally. Therefore, the company was able to give up local efforts and in its place; it employed capable local executives for overseas operations. It was able to establish an effective management tool instead of quitting. This led to an office being established in the U.S. by the Acer group. Acer has also at some point made losses by making acquisitions in the wrong way. The correct way was by following the thinking pattern, better known as the acquisition of counterpoint in 1987 and Altos in 1990. This was bad for the Company for it lost both talent and asset. The company had to pay goodwill and incur extra expenses. Fortunately for the company, both capital and workforce stayed with it to fight for the future. The management teams stayed to work for Acer, while the shareholders of Counterpoint and Altos, sold their stocks in exchange for cash. In the long run, the company was able to recover once more. (Jack, 1970) When Acer Company was still small, its internationalization was relatively successful. It carried out its businesses without issues of inventory and credit lines. However, it had to extend credit lines and increase inventory when it expanded. This made it increase its operating cost and it also incurred bad debts and inventory caused by wrong forecasting. Acer slowly solved the problem by establishing its credit management system in countries where it has its operations. The Acer group has numerous advantages and strengths that make it a leading computer manufacturing Company in Asia. First, it continues to tap the urge to become the boss by giving decision-making powers to local managers in Acer plants and offices around the world and letting them run operations like managers. This urge has kept the Acer Company strong in its operations as it is assured of effective management. Secondly, Acer is unique in the fact that it has the willingness to give up control and majority ownership of its local operations. This motivates the growth of the Company, maximizing its profits ensuring that the Company runs successfully. Thirdly, the Acer Company has fresh technology for everyone. The Company ensures that the fresh technology it has is enjoyed by everyone, and everywhere. The Company’s Vision has strongly brought this out. This attracts many customers which translate to larger profits for the Company. (Prahalal, 1989) The Company has also its weaknesses. The Acer Company cannot compete on its own in big markets. North America and European markets are dominated by â€Å"big guns† like Intel and IBM. These Companies are far much bigger than Acer. For Acer to match this competition, partnership and acquisition of other IT companies is a good alternative for Acer. The competitive advantage of Acer is gradually going away due too the introduction of internet .This has made the division of labor and capital disappear. The Company has to adapt to the changing world and develop new set of policies. (James, 1998)

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Proverbs Essays (482 words) - Book Of Wisdom, Septuagint, Solomon

Proverbs Chapter 1 talks about becoming wise be graceful of your teachings and be gracious you are being taught. You should be happy that you are being taught and you are getting a good education and that you will be able to become something in life because of this education that you are fortunately receiving. Also it says that only idiots despise wisdom and instruction. Which I think is very good to know because it is dumb to just throw away knowledge and wisdom even instruction. Chapter 2 I think that this chapter is basically telling us the things that could happen to you if you do not accept wisdom and the things that will happen if you listen to the lords word and the lord can strike fear unto thee soul. Chapter 3 I believe that this chapter is basically telling us that we shall not let things come upon us that are not god sort of like the first commandment, which is no other gods before him. You shall always love him and worship him and not another being. Never disobey his correction to you because he is thy one who is right and you are thy one who is wrong. His judgment is always absolute and you shalt never disgrace it in any way of life and being or something like that. Chapter 4 This Chapter talks of listening and respecting the lord's teaching and do not regret not being able to understand what you have been taught by the almighty lord. Do not decline the words that escape his mouth for they are for understanding and learning. Wisdom is the main thing in life. You shall exalt her and be one with her by giving thee a crown of love and life. He has taught thee in the way of wisdom so you shall not overcome the strength of his teachings and readings. You shall not be tempted by the evil and go the way in evil men but fight for the thing wisdom has given thee. Chapter 16 Devote yourself to thee lord and you shall be forsaken with love and gifts. The lord has made all things for purposes including the evil in this land. When a man's ways please the lord then the lord shall make his enemies forgive him. The king loves righteous lips and he loves when the lips speak of truth and life. To become upright to go on the highway of righteousness you shall totally depart from evil. Better it is to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud. He will always give you instruction so that you may do the right thing as long as you devote your worship to him. He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that rules his spirit than he that taketh a city. Religion Essays

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Reciprocation vs. Reciprocity

Reciprocation vs. Reciprocity Reciprocation vs. Reciprocity Reciprocation vs. Reciprocity By Mark Nichol What’s the difference between reciprocation and reciprocity? The distinction is fine but useful. Both reciprocation and reciprocity mean â€Å"an act of return or requiting†; when one reciprocates, one responds to an action or a gesture by doing the same thing or something equivalent in form or value. These words stem from the Latin term reciprocus; the verb form, reciprocare, means â€Å"move or turn back,† â€Å"rise and fall,† or â€Å"come and go, move back and forth.† Reciprocation stems directly from Latin, while reciprocity is derived from the intermediate French term rà ©ciprocità ©. The difference is that reciprocation connotes a more intimate, personal exchange, while reciprocity refers to a more formal situation, such as a political or social agreement or contract: When a person returns a favor, he or she engages in reciprocation; when two countries adhere to an agreement to exchange similar privileges or products, they are practicing reciprocity. The adjective reciprocal refers to complementary actions by two parties (or one such action), but the word is also a noun meaning â€Å"something reciprocal to something else,† including one of a pair of numbers that, when multiplied, produce a product of 1 (such as 4 and 1/4). The verb form is reciprocate, the adverbial form is reciprocally, and the adjectival form is reciprocating. (For example, a reciprocating saw is a powered saw with a blade that moves back and forth so that the operator need only hold the tool while the motor makes the saw do the work.) Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Misused Words category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Bare or Bear With Me?Homogeneous vs. HeterogeneousPlurals of Proper Names

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Business - Incentive Plans Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business - Incentive Plans - Term Paper Example Indeed, the distinctive challenges faced by the U.S. Army in terms of human resource management have drawn academic attention to how it manages its own incentive programs in sometimes very risky environments. In addition, how an organization structures its incentives is very informative of how that organization expects its employees to respond to rewards and punishments in carrying out the group’s objectives. In the case of the U.S. Army, the group’s objectives are to provide prompt national defense and sustaining land dominance across a spectrum of conflicts (U.S. Army, 2005). Incentive programs in the U.S. Army must then mobilize and encourage soldiers to take part in armed conflicts when necessary as a matter of maintaining the national defense. Because of the nature of employment in the U.S. Army, incentive programs must be based on which geopolitical areas are desirable and which are undesirable to employees. One particularly interesting incentive program that the U.S. Army employs is the Targeted Selective Reenlistment Program. Under this program, soldiers with a low cost of serving in an undesirable location accept a bonus and are sent to an undesirable location; on the other side, soldiers with a high cost of serving in an undesirable location reenlist but decline the bonus. ... equires a significantly large workforce concentrated into small geographic areas, relatively low-skilled employees are ultimately necessary for maintaining organizational infrastructure in achieving desired outcomes. Although the TSRB program does not affect high-demand skill employees, lower-level Army employees receive a direct benefit and, from a personnel management perspective, it is these areas in the organizational hierarchy that the Army has the most difficult with in terms of employee turnover. The U.S. Army also faces a unique human resources management challenge insofar as the Army incentivizes referrals to join the organization. Even though there might be a challenge recruiting qualified talent, most for-profit and nonprofit organizations, facing labor surpluses, do not need to incentivize referrals. In 2009, the U.S. Army discontinued an incentive program that gave $2,000 to any soldier who referred new recruits into enlistment (ArmyTimes, 2009). Facing budget cuts, the Army was unable to continue the program, along with many other incentive structures that were slashed in the face of growing criticism of defense spending. Based on the suspension of the referral program, one can say that the U.S. Army no longer offers a viable incentive structure for soldiers to pull other qualified individuals into service. Given the organizational objectives the Army aims to achieve, and the large workforce that it requires to achieve those objectives, it is a weakness not being able to attract more talented individuals to its ranks through referrals. According to Crispin and Mehler (2011), 27.5% of hires in organizations are attributable to referrals. It is not clear how much of this potential the U.S. Army is losing by not having a stable employee referral program that

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Professional Development Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Professional Development Plan - Research Paper Example The Walden University holds a good academic recognition, and preparing a Personal Development Plan in this context would further boost my studies. The university gives priority to handling different circumstances relating to business, and guidelines to overcome such situations, knowledge related to proper handling of employees and subordinates, and above all enriching one with the quality of a successful leader. This paper intends to consider my skills and strengths, and also the areas in which I seek improvement. This will also help me to design a Professional Development Plan (PDP) as I begin my pursuit of the DBA at the Walden. Personal Development Plan As a part of a doctorate study, one has to cover numerous phases of a specific curriculum. Every part of study involves certain kind of preparation and analysis. Walden University has very admirable facility for pursuing a degree of any interest. The increasing rate of enrolment for graduation courses indicates the growing reputati on of the Walden. Being a doctoral candidate at Walden, it is important for me to understand both the feasibility of the proposed project and the mandatory requirements at the Walden. Ample Opportunities at Walden: Discussion with Faculty The discussion with university faculty has given me knowledge of the multiple possibilities of graduate courses in Walden, precisely in Business Administration. Many opportunities are available at Walden though I fall into the common category of business administration with specialization in leadership. For instance, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is one of the most admirable courses offered here. This course has produced many successful professionals who reflect the quality of education imparted in the university. More significantly, it is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP.) For designing the Personal Development Plan, it is important to foresee the essential features and certain aspec ts of the course as a whole. The course offers; extensive knowledge of business operations guidelines of different tactics and techniques of management assistance in ‘Evidence-based decision making’ development of personal skills and leadership quality (Source: Walden university website). Overall, it is a recognized standard university providing students with quality and skills to face the challenges of today’s business world. My Academic Interests and Goals Reaching heights is never impossible if fortunes and hard work coexist. To begin with, one’s academic interests and goals at Walden have very significant role in one’s course. Academic success of the candidate is of prime importance here. Many factors attracted me to Walden among which the very interactive online system is most notable. Specialization in leadership is one of the most demandable courses of all time. And, Walden is well known for its successful results as records report. I intend to gain doctorate in Business Administration specializing in Leadership. And I am optimistic that the university could assist me, owing to its special interest in the comprehensive development of its candidates. Such exemplary examples are often noticed among many Walden University products. Altogether, pursuing a degree at Walden is a golden opportunity that one can cherish forever. Furthermore, university itself is an excellent example in its very nature of functioning and scheduled activities.

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How Will Singapore Effect Globalization Of National Identity Cultural Studies Essay

How Will Singapore Effect Globalization Of National Identity Cultural Studies Essay Singapore, one of the most globalized nations in the world today, had undergone a series of political and economic crises in the past forcing its leaders to take on a proactive stance to the formation of national identity . One stance the government took was forging a national myth of progress that depicted Singapores transformation from a third world fishing village to a first world republic. The catalyze of this metamorphosis was globalization, through globalizing strategies such as: establishing English as the countrys first language; building Singapores economy through partnerships with multinational corporations; importing popular culture from over the world; advocating and sending Singaporeans to study abroad; encouraging the immigration of foreign talent; and stressing a global orientation rather than a local identity. The embracement of globalization through these strategies has led Singapore to acquire political stability and economic growth. However, they have weakened the countrys social bonds with are critical for pursuing the quest for national identity in Singapore. Although there are other aspects of Singapores national identity, this discussion will focus on the national identity of economic progress because it has a direct correlation with the Republics embrace of globalization. This paper will firstly study the terms globalization and national identity in the context of Singapore. After which, address five issues derived from Singapores embracement of globalization that has an ill effect on the republics national identity quest. Firstly, the way in which Singapore practices selective globalization that has led to an antagonistic relationship between local identities and global identities of the people. Secondly, the recognition of Singapore as a global nation state and how that loses national identity for future generations. Thirdly, how the influences of popular culture affects Singapores national identity adversely. Fourthly, how issues of emigration and immigration have undermined national identity. Fifthly, how Singapores declaration as a global city has led to the debilitation of Singapores national identity from which the problem of commitment arose. And sixthly, how Singapores success story, as a result of globalization, thwarts efforts of cementing the Republics national identity. Singapores National Identity Before we discuss Singapores national identity, this paper defines the concept of a nation, in relation to Singapore, as imagined and as a purposeful construct . This is because Singapore does not have a long history. Furthermore, it is populated by a myriad of different ethnicities. Since independence, the Singaporean government has tried to foster a national identity in Singapore. The aim of this was to unite the heterogeneous immigrant population under the nation-state; in the hope that a uniquely Singaporean identity, which the people could identify with, would emerge. The Singapore government has placed strong emphasis on creating a material-based national identity through the presence and availability of economic development, home-ownership, asset-enhancement, a high standard of living and modern facilities. This has created a social modernity that evokes a sense of Singapores national identity in practical and material terms . Hence, the cleanliness of the environment and the efficiency in the background of everyday Singaporean living are qualities the government promotes as Singapores national identity and national symbols. Singaporeans high quality of life as a resultant of globalization and commercial development reemphasizes the national identity of economic progress. Globalization in the context of Singapore Many scholars view globalization as a force, which would bring about the decline , erosion or the end of the nation-state. True to this definition, Singapores embrace for globalization has created problems by weakening emotional ties and the national identity of the nation. This is demonstrated by: a crippling of social cohesion within the community; a pragmatic attitude of Singaporeans; and an increase number of talented Singaporeans choosing to emigrate. Although the Singapore government attempts to connect the people under the notion of a national identity that is based on the myth of overcoming adversity, this paper posits that the process of globalization undermines Singapores territorial boundaries, the nations sovereignty, and its traditional roles, hence undermining the Republics national identity quest. Singapores practice of selective globalization Globalization exposes nation-states to both opportunities and challenges. Singapore has moved from the process of building a nation-state to becoming a global city. The government practices selective globalization where certain forms are encouraged and others are discouraged . While, they champion for the synchronization of regulations and policies with international standards, they protect their society from unwholesome global commodities such as pornographic magazines. On one hand, Singapore enjoys its status as one of the most globalized countries in the world in terms of finance and telecommunications. On the other hand, Singapore regularly gets criticized from international human rights institutions for insisting to practice its own label of politics . The issue of Singapore practicing selective globalization portrays the need to remain globally connected for the sole purpose of survival, while the retention of certain traditional ideals expresses the necessity to protect specif ic interest. Long suggests, that the act of cultures globalizing and de-globalizing within localities at the same time is synchronized through local practices; and ideals generated symbols transmitted through the media, whether global or local, are at the forefront of forming a contemporary culture . This would mean that globalization weakens the building blocks of national identity because of the reinforcement of social relations through messages, images and symbols that would connect individuals to what Anderson referred to as imagined communities . To explain further, these imagined communities are created through the process of media-related visual cues. An influx of these cues from globalization and localization causes Singapores national identity to be continually contested and negotiated. Singapore as a globalizing nation state Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew once said: if more Singaporeans worked abroad and their children forgot their rootsThey dissolve and disappear and there is no Singaporeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ They become citizens of the world. What does that mean? Lost! . As Singapores leaders continue to drive Singapore to become a globalized entity, global influences, such as international education and marriage to foreigners, result in the diminishing of Singapores nation identity. The main issue here is the loss of Singapores future generations of globalized young citizens who were never exposed to the fear of regional hostility or global alienation . Ironically, these generations of Singaporeans have been exposed to the very setting created by the government Singapores global environment that have in turn caused them to diminish their sense of national identity. The influence of popular culture on youths in Singapore The lack of national identity of Singapores most globalized segment of the population, the socially and politically apathetic younger generation, is a pivotal political issue in Singapore. Singapore leaders have tried to combat the social and political consequence of embracing globalization by recounting Singapores difficult past to the future generations as an answer to Singapores shortfall . However, the attraction of globalization presents itself as a strong deterrence to the Republics vision for its citizens. This deterrence can be explained by Bergers proposition of an emerging global culture distinguished by individuation . The embracement of globalization and its exposure to the people has achieved Individuation, which in Singapores context suggests the ability of citizens to form a stronger sense of self or individuality over the nations collectiveness; hence a weakening of national identity. To add on to the peoples sense of individuation, constrains in freedom of criticism of the government have led to demonstration of social trends such as the appropriation of immigration and emigration, as well as a general apathy towards national issues. The latter is best expressed as an attitude of indifference toward defending the nation, as well as, an attitude of dispassion towards Singapores national identity. Globalization issues of emigration and immigration in Singapore To nurture their only resource, people, Singapore sends its people abroad for higher education and training, and to hone their human resources, Singapore induces foreign talent to immigrate to Singapore. Even though these strategies have been successful, in championing objectives of increasing Singapores human talent pool, they weaken the national identity of the nation. Most Singaporeans sent overseas find more opportunities abroad and do not return. By the same token, new immigrants have a greater attachment to their home countries and would leave Singapore eventually. It is clear that although globalization helps Singapore thrive successfully, it undermines a deep attachment to the nation, hence undermining national identity. Furthermore, talented Singaporeans also feel that they will have more professional opportunities if they left Singapore to become a foreign talent. In responds to this, the leaders of Singapore indicated that they are aware of the double-edge sword of globalization, and included that emigration of talented Singaporeans would cause the core of the nation to unravel . It is important to note that the matters raised above, within the quitter-stayer debate, do not entirely point to issues pertaining to loyalty. Rather it points to issues that have emerged from the establishment of a national identity in conjunction with the Republics efforts to embrace globalization Meritocracy. Meritocracy, Singapores national value, has aptly associated talent to success and reward. It was strategically propagated to put Singapore on the global economy map . Today, this very ideal that helped achieve Singapores global status also diminishes the Republics national identity by ingraining an opportunistic mindset into the people, hence indirectly telling Singapores talent to go where opportunities exist. Commitment issues in Singapore as a result of globalization Another repercussion to Singapores embracement of globalization has been a sabotaging of commitment to Singapores well being, where the future generations are unwilling to sacrifice for the nation. One letter in the Straits Times forum page read, What do we have in Singapore that are worth dying for? This paper suggests that Singapore only really offers economic gain. Unfortunately, that could be attained elsewhere, hence there is nothing that compels Singaporeans to stay here, let alone die for their country . Although Singapores myth of economic progress is seen by the nation as a firm foundation of its national identity, it is being undermined because of globalization. In relation to the point above, Anderson puts, the imaginings of a nation are limited to the extent of elastic boundaries . Economic progress is not something exclusive to Singapore and therefore its usage as a national identity by the state is undermined. Through globalization, people identity themselves with an international community, and hence marginalize Singapores national identity of economic progress. Studies have shown that while Singaporeans indicate that they experience a national identity through materiality and achievements of the nation, this form of identity does not conjure up a feeling of allegiance. Neither does it evoke a passion that people may fight and die for, nor does it arouse a sense of differentiation between other cultures. Singapores success story as a national identity Very similarly to the point above, Singapores success story of economic progress, which led the Republic to achieving a worldwide identity, could diminish Singapores national identity. In what this paper views as the Singapore paradox, the goals of the state, which is to sustain the nation, could be threatened by the successful integration of its people into a de-nationalizing globalized identity. This is because globalization propagates factors like transnational migration that undermines the national identity of the Singapore. Conclusion This discussion of globalizations effects on Singapores national identity raises several conclusions that are relevant not only to Singaporeans but to other nations undergoing processes of globalization. Singapores government has embraced globalization as a vital means of not only economic growth but also the Republics survival. This paper has portrayed how the embracement of globalization exerts pressure on Singapores difficulty to construct an effective connection between the nation and its citizens through a quest for national identity. The very tactics of globalization that have led to the rise of Singapores economy have compromised the nations shared identity and opportunities; and as a result of the rise of Singapores affluence through globalization, it is difficult to minimize the negative factors of globalization and maximize the positive factors of localization in establishing a national identity.

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One Minute Manager Essay

Many people in today’s work world are always looking to become better organized and better people. In the book, The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson, the main character does just that. He was looking for the best managers out there. He ran into â€Å"tough managers†, whose organizations won while their people lost. He also ran into â€Å"nice managers†, whose people won but their organizations lost. Until, one day he ran into a One Minute Manager and was intrigued to learn more because this One Minute Managers’ organization & people won. So the One Minute Manager Organized for the main character to speak to three of his employees so he could further his research. The first person he spoke to was Mr. Trenell, who told him about One Minute Goal Setting. Mr. Trenell explained first how One Minute Goal Setting is for your manager and you to be able to agree on the goals and show what is acceptable. Second, write all your goals on paper with less than 250 words. With doing all these correctly you and your manager should be able to read and re-read all goals in a minute and see whether or not your behavior matches your goals. Intrigued by all this the main character wanted to learn more. The second employee he went to speak to was Mr. Levy, who told him about One Minute Praising. He learned that with exercising One Minute Praising correctly he must first tell people up front that their performance will be watched and praised immediately. Secondly, tell people what was done right and how it makes you feel. After all that give them a moment to make everything sink in. After the moment, encourage more of the same behavior and shake hands to show your support. Even more intrigued than before the main character continued. The third employee he spoke to was Ms. Brown, who informed him about a One Minute Reprimand. A One Minute Reprimand, he learned, was pretty much like a One Minute Praising but in reverse. You still let people know that their performance is being watched and you reprimand immediately. This time instead of you telling them something right you tell them something wrong and your feelings towards that behavior. Give them a moment and then continue to reaffirm sides, value, and good behavior. The most important thing he learned about reprimands is that once it’s over, it’s over. Completely intrigued by this One Minute Managers employees’, he wanted to know why it worked so he re-visited the One Minute Manager. The Manager explained that since the steps: One Minute Goal Setting, One Minute Praising, and One Minute Reprimand, were so easy to obtain anyone can easily do it. Finally, after learning all the proper steps to become a One Minute Manager he decides to try it for his own work. He up front lets his people know he is trying something new so he could practice without much criticism. He eventually masters the technique and becomes a One Minute Manager.

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Competitive Bids vs Sealed Proposals Essay

The government often uses contracts to acquire needed products or services. Every government purchase uses public funds. Contracting officials are tasked with ensuring that government purchases use public funds responsibly. When awarding contracts, contracting officials must be sure to use the best method possible to acquire goods and service at the best price possible. Two ways in which contracting officials do this is by using sealed bids and competitive proposals. Each form of awarding contracts has its own specific benefits and pitfalls while sharing some characteristics with the other. Sealed bids are a form of awarding contracts that uses competitive bids and public opening of the sealed bids which leads to the final award of the contract. In order to award a contract through sealed bids, a few things must occur. First a solicitation for bids must be drafted. The solicitation must include the government’s requirements in a detailed enough fashion to avoid misunderstandings from potential bidders. Sealed bidding and competitive proposals are both approved methods for awarding contracts according to federal regulation. When deciding whether or not to use sealed bidding, contracting officers should consider the time that will be required for bids to be solicited, submitted, and evaluated. The evaluation process for sealed bids may be lengthy especially if bidders are not prescreened to reduce the pool to only qualified firms. When all bids are received from qualified firms, sealed bidding can make an award decision quite simple. The lowest bidder is awarded the contract.. Unfortunately, sealed bidding depends on competitive pricing. Competitive pricing cannot be insured unless more than one bid is received. Competitive proposals are best used when a contracting officer determines that the nature of the contract makes it difficult to establish exact specifications or methods of performance. Often, the means of contract performance cannot be easily defined and the offeror’s proposal may need to include an explanation of how the contract will be performed. Unlike sealed bid contracts, competitive bids do not have to be awarded to the firm with the lowest price. Other considerations may be considered to determine the best firm. This determination may be made based on a firm’s performance of previous contracts, the proposed method of performance for the existing contract, or a firm’s specific capabilities in relation to other firms. While sealed bidding results in a fixed price or one with economic adjustments, competitive proposals allow for various kinds of contract types. http://www. governmentbids. com/cgi/en/bidding. advice. articles/Article/federal-contract-opportunities-for-your-business

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The Effect Of Geography On Firm Characteristics And The...

Literature Review The paper relates to three sets of literature: the capital structure, the location effect, and the peer effect. In the classical capital structure context, Fischer, Heinkel, and Zech-ner (1989) and Leland (1994; 1998), Hovakimian, Opler, and Titman (2001) show that firms periodically readjusts capital structures toward a target ratio. Lemmon, Roberts, Zender (2008) show that the majority of changes in leverage ratio are caused â€Å"by an unobserved time-invariant effect that generates surprisingly stable capital structures.† Lemmon et al. (2008) show that this factor is present before the IPO. They conclude, â€Å"variation in capital structures is primarily determined by factors that remain stable for long periods of time.† Recently, there has been a growing interest in studying the effect of geography on firm characteristics and financial decisions. Studies have shown that firm location affects its financing and strategic decisions. In this paper, focusing on U.S. firms, I show that headquarter location has a significant effect on capital structure. Several studies show that geographical factor has a significant effect on equity investing. Coval and Moskowitz (1999), and Grinblatt and Keloharju (2001) show that investors favor equity investments in local firms. Coval and Moskowitz (2001) â€Å"apply a geographic lens to mutual fund performance,† and find that mutual funds gain abnormal returns by investing in nearby firms. They also find that while the averageShow MoreRelatedThe Effect Of Geography On Firm s Characteristics And Financial Decisions1626 Words   |  7 Pagesliterature: the capital structure, the location effect, and the peer effects literature. In the classical capital structure context, Fischer, Heinkel, and Zech-ner (1989) and Leland (1994), (1998), Hovakimian, Opler, and Titman (2001) show that firms periodically readjusts their capital structures toward a target ratio. Lemmon, Roberts, Zender (2008) show that the majority of changes in leverage ratio is caused â€Å"by an unobserved time-invariant effect that generates surprisingly stable capital structuresRead MoreStereotype Threat On The Workplace1716 Words   |  7 Pagesthe explanation for women when they are not offered the job. Elizabeth H. Gorman conducted a study entitled â€Å"Gender Stereotypes, Same-Gender Preferences, and Organizational Variations in the Hiring of Women: Evidence from Law Firms.† In this study she measured how the effect of stereotypical conceptions of men and women affect their hiring and staffing decisions. It is our human nature to categorize people by their gender. â€Å"Sex categorization†¦triggers two important processes: the application of culturalRead MoreGang Involvement : Membership, Violence, Crime And Juvenile Delinquency3474 Words   |  14 Pagesmanagement, commitment to school, and deviant peers. To help differentiate amongst the factors, the authors use a structural equation modeling, which provided the results in a statistical measure. Based off of the results, gang-involved youths were older than non-gang involved youths and that individual delinquency and neighborhood gangs predicted higher chances of gang involvement. The other factors of parental m anagement, commitment to school and deviant peer pressure provided an indirect relationshipRead MoreDeficiency And Sufficiency Of Critical Factors Greatly Affect Attrition And Leverage Retention1977 Words   |  8 Pagesif the work-life balance deteriorated they are subjected to much stress and hence leave the organization seeking another one. There are many more reasons to leave the organization. Gaurav Bagga (2013) has examined the high rate of attrition in IT firms in India and tried to suggest ways and means to reduce the attrition. He found that the longer an employee remains with a company, the less he or she is likely to leave. He further suggested making the employee feel valued, keeping them informed ofRead MoreInternational Marketing Strategy: Effective Distribution and Channel Management2281 Words   |  10 Pagestheir marketing channel members (e.g., agents, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers). Given this situation, considerable marketing channel research has foc used on organizational responsibility for managing channel how interrelationships among a firm and its channel members can be managed better (Achrol and Stern 1988; Anderson et al 1997). Globalization of markets is a phenomenon that has received much attention and been extensively debated both at general societal/institutional/cultural levelsRead MoreAviation Centered Spatial Development And The Regional Development Of The Central Business District1940 Words   |  8 Pagesfringe through to the metropolitan region. The intertwined, yet different models of airport develpoment specifically, airport city and aerotropolis, pick up this progressively larger and more complex territorial impact and each denotes a different geography. The research details how each model varies in sophistication betraying a variety of origins in business strategies, planning organizations, and urban research. The ‘‘airport corridor’’ model links airport and central city as a band of integratedRead MoreEssay about Agency Problem26370 Words   |  106 PagesBonding International ï ¬ nancial markets a b s t r a c t Why ï ¬ rms from around the world seek to cross-list their shares on overseas exchanges has intrigued scholars during the past two decades. A general dissatisfaction with the conventional wisdom about investment barriers segmenting global investors and how cross-listings overcome those barriers cleared the way for newer wisdom about informational problems and agency conï ¬â€šicts, and how ï ¬ rms could overcome weaknesses in corporate governance by listingRead MoreBrief Description Of Ernesto Rosado Essay5413 Words   |  22 Pagesbiological parents and his first adoptive mother (Lynn), who was married to John, passed away from Leukemia. Ernesto was neatly dressed, had good hygiene, and was well groomed. He made direct and appropriate eye contact, and has no notable physical characteristics. He appeared animated and lively, even though he protested highly against coming into the office without his mother and father. He became absorbed in play with toy soldiers. He demonstrated no difficultly with small motor movements and had goodRead MorePing Case Study2846 Words   |  12 Pagesis its 14% market share, which makes it the second largest life insurer in China. Ping An has also been very innovative about its approach to the insurance sector being the first to introduce: foreign investors; international accounting/actuarial firms, investment-linked life insurance product and nationwide claims settlement services to autoinsurance policyholders. Ping An’s other strengths in this market include strong relationships with local governments, superior distribution capability and productivity/profitabilityRead MoreMana gerial Economics - Case Studies3445 Words   |  14 PagesThe objective is to â€Å"significantly accelerate profitable growth by providing comfort to others†. It is growth maximization because for achieving this objective Dabur aims to: †¢ Focus on growing core brands across categories, reaching out to new geographies, within and outside India, and improve operational efficiencies by leveraging technology. †¢ Be the preferred company to meet the health and personal grooming needs of target consumers with safe, efficacious, natural solutions by synthesising deep