Saturday, May 11, 2019

Perform a Limited Risk Managment Study Coursework - 1

Perform a Limited Risk Managment Study - Coursework ExamplePrivacy invasion Using P2P networks or applications may pull unauthorized users access to personal data either, by accessing personal directories or users give private information to whom they believe to be a trusted source or organization. When Medical or financial information, slight individual or corporate data is compromised, users are vulnerable to identity theft (Bidgoli, 2004).Vulnerability some(prenominal) P2P networks and applications ask users to open certain ports on the computers firewall to share files. Opening this ports provide attackers with channels to attack the users computer by utilizing any susceptibilities that may exist in the P2P connection.Service Denial Downloading media files swot the capacity of traffic across the network. This may restrain the users internet access or inhibit the availability of certain applications in the users computer.The best ways to avoid these risks is by refraining fro m P2P networks and applications, but if a user insists on using them, they should have a proper and up to image antivirus program and they should have installed and enabled a firewall on their

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