Friday, May 10, 2019

Observation and Reaction assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

remark and Reaction assignment - Essay ExampleHe found that discounting was the future of retail. This strategy led to the victory of his business. Relating it to nursing, in order to gain positive patient outcomes, nurses and practitioners must be able to make strategical decisions that prove to be beneficial for patients in the long run (Sare & Ogilvie, 2010). Walton held the view that one should go the polar way of the conventional methods to be successful. This strategy preempt be applied to gain patient outcomes by ignoring the traditional ways of look ating with patients and treating them the way others are not following, to make a unique niche. This result attract more patients, and will also improve the quality of health care. For example, under situations when nurses have to deal with drug addicts, they should focus more on their psychotherapy rather than traditional medicines.To conclude, Sam Waltons leading style and competencies should be applied in the field of n ursing to gain quality patient outcomes. Nurses can use Waltons strategic planning to improve the quality of services. They are also suggested to use Waltons nontraditional style for treating

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