Saturday, September 28, 2019

Strategic leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Strategic leadership - Essay Example Essentially the level to which an organization can develop effective consensus, manage the transformations and sustain commitment will count a lot on the success or failure of any enterprise (Hiatt & Creasey, 2003). According to Balogun (2008) the formulation of all changes in the organization is critical components of any program to support the employees of that particular organization and the organization itself. Balogun reviews the three main elements of any organizational change. Namely: the reason behind the change, what exactly should be included in the change and the process of change (2008). The reasons behind change include those that are social, economical, cultural, political, capabilities, structural and competitive environment in which the organization operates. He says the organization has an inner context and an outer one and all of them affect the organizations operations. The culture, structure and the capabilities comprise of the inner context that affects the organ ization directly. The external is the market under which it operates: the competitiveness and the country’s political strategies (Combat Poverty Agency, 1993). This affects the organization indirectly, and many a times they got lots of weight. When Mike took over from Lee, he needed change nothing structurally from the company. He actually moved in to the same old office and retained the furniture and carpet. He explains that the organization is flexible to the changing world in terms of its employee’s capabilities and in terms of its economy (Walton, 2009). Some of the factors that ensure the company runs consistently and efficiently, include its workers who are keen on ensuring that they work towards a goal, the goal being attaining its returns upon investment. The company can motivate its workers by giving them incentives or by creating an opportunity for them to be out in the fields to create bigger sales. Either way, it can ensure that they interact with customers on a personal level to ensure they give more information to them concerning their products. How the company relates to a customer, should be based on whether a customer is regular or irregular. How they are treated, gives them the need to be back again and again. The company’s capital also drives the process of expansion efficiently. The company stepped up to buy technology during Mike’s leadership to assist in leadership (Walton, 2009). Advanced technology boosts the company’s sales. It’s through this that customers will get to know more about the company. The advertisement the company makes to sell its range of products and services

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