Monday, September 16, 2019

Outline for the Good Earth Essay

One Man’s survival and triumph over the land and nature leads to a prosperous life. Thesis: Man’s triumph over the land and nature rewards with wealth and profit and respect from other. II. Introduction- How Wang Lang is connected to the earth and his strong relationship with it and how his good work ethics and moral judgments guide him on becoming one with his land. How Wang Lung tries to establish a connection with the land, the rewards and wealth from having a strong connection with the earth, and the respect from other while leading to a prosperous life. A. Establishing a connection- How Wang Lung attempts to have a strong connection with the earth. 1. Wang Lung starts connecting with the land a. Farms through own physical labor at first but O-Lan help his after they are together. b. He maintains his farm constantly through the changing seasons. 2. Wang Lung respect for nature guides him through his future success, How the nourishing power of the land comforts Wang Lung. b. The Earth producing for Wang Lung for his hard work and dedication B. Disasters for the land- How the nature damages Wang Lung connection with the Earth 1. Wang Lung and his family trying to survive against the elements of nature a. Wang Lung tries to survive from the famine that has struck the village because of the drought and is forced to move away from his land for a while. b. The flood affects Wang Lungs crops but because of his success from farming he is unaffected but becomes severed from his connection with the Earth. Wang Lung is forced to sever his connection with the earth because of nature a. When the famine struck Wang Lung is forced to move away from his land severing his connection and losing his strength to stay upon the land. b. Almost coming to the decision upon selling his daughter to return to the land corrupts Wang Lung moral judgments. C. Triumph over nature and the land- How Wang Lung connection with the land is restored and the wealth he is rewarded with. 1. Wang Lungs connection with the Earth is stronger than before. When returning from the city with money him able to purchase property and profit from his expanding land he has gained because of the Earth providing him with more resources. b. Through hard work he has become more profitable and wealthier than before and is able to provide for his family. 2. Wang Lung leading a prosperous lifestyle with the current wealth he has gained. a. He is able to become wealthier and afford many lavished items in his household and lead a good lavished life while he is now old. b. He becomes well respected within his village and is looked upon as one of the great family’s to the villagers.

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