Thursday, September 26, 2019

Children Language Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Children Language Development - Essay Example Traditionally, before a child could turn eighteen months after birth, there are manifestations that the child is already introduced with naming insights. Although children usually pass this at various times, parents, most of the times, hardly notice it since they assume that it is just normal since things have really their names. I would like to agree that naming insight, indeed, sets the stage for vocabulary explosion. For most of the youngster, this naming discovery could be really shocking as proven by those kids to arrive at this stage at a later phase. One famous example would be Helen Keller. She was blind and deaf since she was two years of age, thus, naming insight as a stage of her development was really a tough challenge to pass through. When she was six years old, her pre school teacher asked her to put her hand under flowing water. And she was also asked to spell out w-a-t-e-r. She realized since then that "the mystery of language was revealed to her." For the past decades, researchers have already language as a natural part of evolutionary processes. And language, with no doubt plays a vital role in our own development; and we know that naming insight is actually the start of such. Naming insight can be the beginning of vocabulary explosion since a child already has the idea of naming things, thus, there is already a concept of words or vocabulary, at that sense. If a child is exposed to a lot of things, along with their respective names, there is of course a high tendency of a vocabulary explosion on the part of the child. Even a single or an indirect exposure to a novel word, for instance, already gives information that we could use in mapping the word going to its referent. Naming sigh has been proven by a number of studies to be a factor in the explosion of a child's vocabulary. A child can learn a word only after hearing it once from the people around him or her. There are actually researches claiming that children can gain new insights into language and words when they reach their eighteenth month, on the average. Most of the researches of this field things that children actually realize two things. First, words are used to name for objects; and second, every object has its own name (Gopnik & Meltzoff, 1997). This is called naming insight. The process of naming insight actually happens before a child can utter a word that represents an object. The child, in this specific stage, is just starting to learn the things that are around him or her and later on realizes that everything in the environment is given a name. The names, later on are learned by a child as he or she hears them from the people around. The beginning of vocabulary explosion is an important event for a child. It is with no doubt that naming insight preludes the vocabulary explosion since this is the stage before the child can finally utter his or her words. After the naming sight stage, particular names come popping out of children like stars as a result of fireworks. Some of common words are mommy, daddy, milk, and so on. Also, if under the vocabulary explosion, the child can also acquire more words that he or she often hears from the environment. The more frequent a word is uttered, the higher the

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