Monday, September 23, 2019

Marketing Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

Marketing Plan - Essay Example Supplementing it will be rice and salad. Juices will also be served but this will also be squeezed in front of the customer and fulfill our health proposition. The total estimated cost of setting up the restaurant is estimated to be $70, 000. The selection of the products served by us is justified by many reasons. First and foremost is the inclusion of chicken in the eating menu of most of the people. This will give is an instant head-start because chicken preparations are liked by almost every single person. Secondly, from health and nutrition point of view, juices will also attract people. In a nutshell, chicken and juice will serve as a short-meal combination which can satisfy short span hunger and can be eaten before proper meals. Initially price will be set lower to attract customers and develop confidence in them of our food and service quality at reasonable prices. It will also be set keeping in mind what other restaurants serving the same item are charging for it. But we will fix the rate at slightly low. Place selected for the business is Downtown San Francisco where tourists come from all over the world and the place welcomes people from diverse culture. Because chicken is an item liked by almost all cultures and traditions, this place offers the most advantageous position to locate our business. Promotion strategies of our business will include radio announcements, pamphlet distribution, hoardings, newspaper advertisements and word-of-mouth publicity. Initially, discounts will be provided on family orders and inviting friends. We will also try to gain contracts at major shops and tourist destinations for serving our juices there. Later on when the business catches up, loyalty cards and rewards will be given to regular customers to retain them and get positive feedbacks and publicity. Our primary target market will be tourists who try each and every item selling at the place they visit.

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