Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Research into impro system and human resource organizer system Dissertation

Research into impro system and human resource organizer system - Dissertation Example One of the changes that are to be expected from installation of the IMPRO system to the mobile works organization is an increase in performance, which shall be brought about by the renewed element of management. This allows the organization to gain control over the employees as well as data and the maintenance of customer relations, thus the efficacy of the system. The works hit sectors when it comes to the use of technology is the SME industry, largely due to limited finances. The industry is a huge paper pusher and as a result drags along in productivity due to limitations in management (Mitchel, 2008, p. 281). The effect of lagging denies the industry the opportunities associated with better performances especially relating to customer organization relations. Background An information system (IS) is a set of interconnected components working together to process collect, store, retrieve, and distribute information in order to facilitate the analysis, planning, control, decision-mak ing and coordination in companies and other organizations (Burnham, 2001, p. 192). A shift towards the IT sector, IS integration, is the SME industry is hindered by the low productivity levels associated with the organisations and the nonexistence of competitive advantages between the [players in the sector. This compared to the larger organizations in business is a challenge to efficiency and efficacy of the business models. However, the largest backdrop to the lack of a proper IT system with the SMEs is the financial constraints that are involved in business start up, which often culminate to starting the business without the IT frontier. Technological improvement exhibits the necessity of intertwining the business models with IS technology, since communication plays a huge role in the success of the sector as it is a requirement to pass down or on information from one terminal to another. The IS technology offers the business model the advantage of unlimited geographic coverage w hich facilitates globalization of the industry as management of the business sector can be achieved under the channels provided by the IS technology. Specific to the increased communication is the networks, which allows sharing of data within or with other companies. The Intranet technologies are one of the inventions in this field where communication between terminals is enabled by the use of IP (Internet Protocols) in data sharing, and the computerized and operational activities of the company that are a necessitate to the organization. Networks are also responsible for initiating ecommerce. The online intranets as well as the internet has enabled the business operant the advantage of being able to conduct business through the networks via data sharing and collaborations between the consumers and the producers, which proves effective in the field. The websites are mere instruments, which are used in conveyance of the

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