Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Racism (Walleye Warrior) Reading and Questions Coursework

Racism (Walleye Warrior) Reading and Questions - Coursework Example It is evident from the article that people of color suffered significant discrimination from the impacts of unchallenged white privilege. Other ethnic groups that were lobbying for their social justice ended up creating and promoting new identities, including the white identities, which oppress people of color and those who reject white privileges (Lipsitz 119). A new idea evident, in the article, is that the white community strongly campaigned to end treaty rights signed between the federal government and the Native American communities with the notion that it gave them more access to the nation’s natural resources more than other communities. However, when treaty rights were abolished and a number of economic activities such as lumbering, mining and extensive fishing begun in north Wisconsin, the land become polluted and considerably polluted. The supply of the game and fish were also threatened by carbon emission from motor boats, poor management of natural resources, corporate pollution and lax government regulations (Lipsitz 115). Additionally, many whites began killing Native Americans and African Americans who rejected their privileges. These are just, but a few evidences that white supremacist were specifically not interested in conserving environment, but in discriminating against people of color and accessing their natural resources without any opposition. This is something that makes me feel uncomfortable with this article. Under the courtesy of this article, I come to learn that the success of Native Americans, in fighting for their asocial justice, also came from the support of other whites who came to realize that the future success of north Wisconsin was more possible with Indians than the White Supremacists (Lipsitz 116). In this case, I do not expect white supremacists who were earlier strong anti-treaty rights and

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