Thursday, June 13, 2019

Reflection Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Reflection - Research Paper ExampleIncreasing affordability of the smartphones is the approximately fundamental factor that has contributed to their growth in Philippines.MP3 players occupy already reached the stage of maturity in their lifecycle. One of the biggest drawbacks of MP3 players has been their short battery life. In order to begin their sales in the contemporary age when products that contain the function of MP3 players along with many others of their own are omnipresent, MP3 players need to provide the customers with an added benefit that the new devices have yet not managed to. Extending the battery life of the MP3 players is a potential way to increase their life cycle because most of the new products contain a array of features but with a compromise over the battery life.Text messaging has been in use for all kinds of purposes particularly business since the middle of the first ex of the 21st century. To take the text messaging to the next level, mobile companies need to make the text messaging experience more convenient for the customers. Traditionally, customers experience exsert in text messaging because they have to deal with very short-sized light uponpads on the mobiles. Text messaging experience of the customers can be enhanced by enlarging the key boards on the mobile devices. If increasing the size of the mobile devices is difficult for some technical reasons, an alternative solution to it can be manufacturing portable USB keyboards to be connected with the mobile devices.To extend the lifecycle of the pressure cookers, companies need to add useful features to the pressure cookers. Features that the customers would like to see added to the pressure cookers may include but are not limited to the reading of pressure developed inside the pressure cooker varying with time, and the reading of temperature inside the pressure cooker. Pressure and temperature inside the pressure cooker are a key concern in

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