Wednesday, June 12, 2019

History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 17

History - Essay ExampleArab nationalism looked upon the encroachment of Jewish settlers into Palestine, as nothing more than an extension of European Christian interests and influence into Palestine, which needed to be checked. Thus opposition to Zionism and its presence in the Palestine as a part of Palestine interests emerged in the early 1900s The roots of the Arab-Israeli conflict thus lie in the perception of the Arabs that the presence of Jews in Palestine is an extension of the Christian Europe attempts to displace the Islamic rule in Palestine and pose a threat to the Islamic influence oer Jerusalem (Thornton, 2008).The formation of Israel and the subsequent conflicts substantiate seen the displacement of more than four million Palestinians from their native lands. Israel refuses to accept the return of these refugees and the status of these refugees continues to remain as a stumbling block to a solution to the Arab Israeli conflict (Asser, 2007).The status of Jerusalem and control over it was and still remains a thorny issue for the root of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Israeli lay claims to an undivided Jerusalem as their capital, while to the Arabs giving up Jerusalem and its holy Muslim sites would be capitulation (Whitaker, 2000). Jewish settlements have come up in the West bank and Gaza, which are proclaimed areas of the limited self rule enjoyed by the Palestinians. These settlements in some cases have big(a) to be small cities. The encroaching Jewish settlements and the status of these settlements pose a severe problem in any resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict (FAQ on Israeli settlements).The first core belief in Islam is that there is only one God and Muhammad as his Prophet. The God in Islam is omnipotent and a unique world that rules the world. Islam requires its followers to know the will of God and become more subservient to it. The second core belief in Islam is

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