Thursday, June 20, 2019

Hovey Insurance & Financial Services Final Report Research Proposal

Hovey Insurance & Financial Services Final Report - search Proposal ExampleThe company is adopting a new approach that is the technology approach which testament help the company to fulfill and achieve the accusives that it wants to achieve. It hired a stick outer to defecate their company website which would inform the people of all the products and services that the company provides. Along with the new marting strategy, the company faces a number of challenges that it has to cut across in order to create awareness about their website. The company is using contrasting approaches which would help them to achieve a greater market share and excessively increase their sales (Admin 2010). 1.1 Purpose I was asked to perform two tasks by the company. Firstly, I had to search for a website designer who would make a plan to create a website for the company. I was responsible for creating the contents of the website and also turn tail with the designer so that there exists collaborat ion between both of us. Secondly, I had to create a marketing plan which would attract the consumers towards the website of the Hovey Company. I was given a time of two months at the most for the completion of the tasks. In order to complete the work in the given time, I took out time every week in order to see the amount of time that the execution can be carried out and also check if the plan needed any kind of reform or change(Nijssen & Frambach 2001). The New Brunswick province is considered to be a niche market and is the main target of the company. Huestis Insurance Group is the parent company of Hovey company which manages the Atlantic Provinces and the Hovey company can also be downstairsstood to be an agent or the broker for the Huestis Group (Nijssen & Frambach 2001). A road map was constructed which would help to complete the work and fulfilling the major objectives and plans of the tasks. The first task as mentioned before was to design the companys website. For this, I selected the three major areas of the company namely life, personal and commercial insurance. Each of the topic had a different color different than the others and consisted of all the information about that type of program of insurance. Every category would have a sub-category for example liability insurance and commercial insurance under it. I also added some details about every category of insurance in order to motivate and attract people to buy the insurance(Nijssen & Frambach 2001). The home-page of the website will consist of the slogan of the company which is Insurance is the Solution that will give an overall idea of the company to the people. The website will also consist of the contact verse of the company as well as their toll free number. The next step was to meet different designers and claim the best design and offer for the website. These travel were important in order to create the marketing strategy for the company on the internet. The first task for me to fulfil l was the online marketing for the company (Berry & Wilson 2001). The next objective that i had to fulfill was to create a plan by attracting potential consumers so that they go through the website of the company and come to know about the flowing services and products(Berry & Wilson 2001). Once to website is fully constructed, I would need to look for different strategies on how to let the customers know about the website and its services. 1.2 Stakeholders The insurance agencies and the brokers mostly sell analogous services and prod

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