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Distinct varieties of masculinity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Distinct varieties of masculinity - Essay Examplene, by concur or differing with different scholars the conclusion, entailing a summery outline of the main points discussed and a stand on the things discussed and how masculinity manifest.In gender studies, feminist theories concern the disparity of women by men because of womanhood feminists opine that men suit themselves by controlling sex women get denied personal choice and exploited on drive issues. The feminists believe that the discrimination curtails women rights and seek to see the situation changed. (Piper 2009) Masculinity refers to masculine which denote something related to a male who include men and boys. (Piper 2011) defines masculinity as an expression to serve and not to be served expressing a sacrifice for the woman, which requires giving direction and having a final say. While looking at the distinct value of masculinity arises from the comparison of feminist and masculinity where feminist seek for equality betwe en men and women, but some things constitute for womanhood and others manhood. The essay under discusses the comparison of the two in regard to distinct variety of masculinity. Distinct varieties of masculinityTo begin with thoughts and experiences of men, they help in understanding gender in price of the masculine variables, as opposed to feminist. (Rotundo, p. 106) argues that women beauty lured men from their known pleasure and secure culture to following women. Therefore, opining that gender gets socially construed with masculine thoughts and behaviors arising from social and ethnical processes. The scholar opines that the new complex culture, give rise to the conception of self made manhood. (Rotundo, p. 80 ) Explains the boys culture, which prepared boys, for rough and competitive man of politics and business, also the youth culture characterized by debating clubs, where they learned new skills and how to compete in socially acceptable ways.Similarly, (Rotundo, p 86) expres ses the idea of masculinity by

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