Sunday, June 2, 2019

American And Nigerian Culture Essay -- essays research papers

American and Nigerian cultures are alike in some aspects of life, whilebeing dissimilar in other aspects. This judgment is clearly exemplified when onecompares their own experience and knowledge of culture in America to thatdescription and portrayal of Nigerian culture as seen with Buchi Emechetasnovel, The grappling iron Match.Both of our societies can be looked at as parallel in how teenagers aretypically stereotyped, rivalry among towns/villages, and the attainment ofmanhood or maturity through experiences or accomplishments.Contrary to the similarity of the cultures, there are also some basicdifferences. One of the main distinctions is that we live in a technologically in advance(p) empire while Emecheta shows us that Nigerians are more typically aprimitive nation.No matter in what culture you find teenagers, they will probably bestereotyped. This is evident in the novel as well as in our own culture. Forexample, the Akpei people (neighbors to the nearby Igbuno village) havef ound that someone has fished and trampled in their stream. ( This is a verybad thing because the vegetation and fish are now no longer available) The blameimmediately lands upon the Uma aya Biafra, or teenagers of Igbuno. at that place is noquestion, it is just assumed that teenagers were involved. (Unfortunately, Uche,a teenager from Igbuno, has committed this hei...

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