Tuesday, June 11, 2019

EPS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

EPS - Essay ExampleAll in all, Pinterest provides a healthy, interactive platform where buyers and sellers interact via pictures which are indeed more(prenominal) powerful than words. Also, the team at Pinterest can get a hands-on understanding of the customers who use it which it can use in future to generate expedient customer insights for businesses. It can, therefore, become a powerful customer database where customers tastes, preferences, buying habits, lifestyle and personality can be examined through the content they upload (Falls).The next capableness big thing is Dropbox. The reason why it is considered the next big thing is that they are profitable. The company started by the provision of a remunerative cloud computer storage service and with the growing number of subscribers, it is increasingly likely that individuals will surpass the storage limit which shall enable the company capitalize on its premium paid service (Barret). A major reason why it is likely to become a big hit is that it is enabling users meet their storage needs in todays multi device world. Considering how devices have become disposable and users switch to a new device each year, it allows customers to have a wireless, virtual, safe attendant of all their data.Finally, the new virtual marketplace TaskRabbit, according to me, shall also be a big hit. The platform allows time starved consumers to get people to micturate for themselves through just a few clicks. The company is gradually expanding its market in order to avoid the chicken and egg issue. It will be particularly useful for organizations that do not have a minute to spare for daily errands. TaskRabbits system is very well organized which is demonstrated by their targeted city-wise marketing

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