Monday, April 29, 2019

Study the Impact of advertising on children ( all media) Essay

Study the Impact of advertising on children ( all media) - Essay ExampleFor this reason, a number of governments have passed several legislations that are aimed at protecting children from round of the advertisers efforts to induce them into some of the products and go in the market.One of the most critical consideration is the idea that the development of commercial appeals on children was not a common thing until the exponential growth of widespread television adoption (Lawlor and Prothero, 2002). This growth allowed programmers to jazz up with some channels that exclusively air children programming as well as advertising. It is similarly possible to identify the fact that with the growth of the internet, advertisers have been able to develop children-oriented advertising. However, the internet is a to a greater extent privately controlled media. With the development of advertising content, that is specific to children this cover looks into some of the impacts that this kind o f advertising has had on children. The paper specifically looks into some of the cognitive developmental impacts of the advertising on children as well as the set up that such exposure has on the children.For any individual to obtain a mature understanding of some of the messages in advertisements, one of the most basic requirements is that the individual should be able to distinguish between noncommercial and commercial content. More specifically, the individual should be able to establish the difference between an advertisement and a program. According to some studies, young children might not be in a place to distinguish the difference between programming and commercials in a mature way (Lawlor and Prothero, 2002). For this reason, they base their judgment on affective or perpetual cues, which means that they are comfortable to watch commercials since they are shorter and funnier than programs. The other cognitive task involves a mature recognition of persuasive content in the commercials (Rozendaal et al, 2011). The comprehension of the advertisers intent

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