Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Marketing Myopie article Critiques Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Marketing Myopie article Critiques - Essay ExampleLevitt tries to tell on the theory to the very managers that he qualifies as failures for the lack of localise on the customers. Most theories of business would piddle down his arguments. Tailor making policies and shifting reapingion to suit the customer is like having customers run the business. It is further impractical.Levitt gives an example of the transport industry. He details that the railway has been replaced by other intend of transport that butt against the needs of the customers. The railroad, according to him, failed to meet the needs of the customer. He argues his case that I was because they had a wrong explanation for their business product orientation. Levitts argument was unwarranted and misinformed. The reason the railway was overtaken by other means of transport in my view is due to the technological advancements. If there is a new invention in the transport industry today and airplanes are phased out, will the reason be due to lack of focus on the customer? Not really.Levitt goes on and on with the case studies of the theory. He makes mention of the movie enceinte of the world Hollywood. He notes that the film industry has been overtaken by TV. His take is that TV entertains the customers while movies do not. in that respect is no comparison between the two in reality. Television and film are two contrastive entities in business. His argument is like saying that the canned food industry has beaten the beverage industry.Levitt gives the nylon and glass-based companies as success stories of focusing on the customer not the product. He says they have both customer and product advantages that emanate from their excellent technical competence. They apply excellent technical competence to fulfill the customers needs. His example of a success story in his theory is just hilarious. The clientele for glass and nylon are mega-companies who specify the prime(a) they want not retail consumer s.The feeble cases that Levitt

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