Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Ethics of Information Communication Technology Dissertation - 1

ethics of Information Communication Technology - Dissertation ExampleFor the gathering of information and knowledge, the instrument that is required by all human beings is ICT, and security in this regard should be guaranteed to them as their basic right. However, throughout the world, the rights of military man ar violated one way or the other. Violation of these rights has created new problems in the human cordial system like cybercrime, digital divide, digital security and privacy concerns for all of them. Round the globe, all of this has bear on the lives of the people directly or indirectly (Sembok, 2003). This shows that due to the rising facilities of the global world, the related crimes are withal increasing in the numbers. This increasing rate of the cyber crime has put the privacy and security of the individuals at stake. With such backdrop, this paper will establish the types of cyber crimes and the upcoming frauds that are done by them. The objective of this paper is to play up the effects of this crime and under the light of this crime, see the effects it has created on the economy of the United Kingdom. The manipulation of this paper is to discuss the effects of cyber crimes on the citizens, businesses, government, and the relevant interventions to deal with it. The range of cyber crimes is much diversified so the paper will shed light on crimes such as child pornography, identity frauds to the individuals, revenue and benefits fraud, NHS frauds, pension frauds, and local government and central government frauds faced by the government. The most affected firmament is the business sector so a major portion of the paper aims to cover this segment and discuss frauds like IP theft, industrial espionage, and online theft. Literature Review The literature review section initially discusses the customary use of internet and the need of using this technology it also talks about the crimes that result from this under the light of different k inds of literature. Then limiting to the topic, the paper aims at discussing the keyword Cyber Crime. According to Nelson (2009) cybercrime is referred to as the undertaken activities by the criminals for the financial gain. He says that such kinds of activities are utilize to take advantage of the vulnerabilities that are in use of the internet and other electronic systems. These systems illegitimately attack or access the information that is used by the businesses, citizens, and government. In this light, the paper will discuss the types of cybercrime and also talk about the slipway these cyber crimes are taking place. A number of studies and researchers have been done in order to investigate the topic under discussion. However, this area needs to be researched more so that more valid and authentic conclusions can be drawn from the studies and the results could be applied to the society. The topic is chosen for my research, keeping in view its significance in the field and also, because of its importance in society. As it has been observed in the societies that as people are acquire more aware of the alarming nature of this issue and are interested in finding ways to help overcome this problem, more research work is needed in this area.

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