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Employee Performance Evaluation Essay Example for Free

Employee Performance Evaluation EssayDo you afford any questions about what is expected of you on the job? Are there any areas that are unclear for you?Being in the practice for more than than 13 years, I believe I am perform well as a Clinical Coordinator at _________________. I arrest laid well my primary duties non only to the doctors but to the patients as well. Patient flow is one of my main tasks. Therefore, doing it for more than a ten has really helped me learn by heart the task that I am supposed(p) and not supposed to do. Extended duties, in addition, provide me with more skills development. Nonetheless, I still believe that committing to my wreak as a clinician, to the doctors, and to the patients is my key to being fitting to perform what is expected of me for this particular job. And I know I pose worked hard for that.For me, the most unclear, and withal lacking, is the salary increase. I fork up been in this job for more than 13 years and my salary h as been pretty much the same. I love my job, that is why I perpetually work hard for it, but taking into consideration practicality, the standard of living has been constantly increasing and I know I have to keep up with that. It is quite disappointing that my co-employees and I are not getting fairly regular higher compensation grants.What do you consider to be your most important work in this review period?Being on the job itself and being satisfactory to practice what I love doing is one of the accomplishments that I have gained working here. Being able to be trained by professionals and get me going to my long-term goal of getting into Dental Hygiene program at this alliance college is a privileged appreciated for me. In addition, higher salary, maybe inasmuch as what I have trustworthy last year 2005, provides recognition for me as an employee for the decade or more that I have worked as a Clinical Coordinator.What areas would you like to meliorate on your performance an d how do you plan to do it? What so-and-so the doctors or other team members do to help you ameliorate?I have realized the delectation and hardship of working as a clinician. At the same time, I get firsthand impressions of the blessedness of the patients when they know that they are cured or exit get better soon. This is one of the pleasures I get working here. That is why I compliments to be even more creative. However, of course, I, as well as my co-employees, want to be recognized and get rightful(prenominal)ly compensative for the dedication we tender as clinical workers. It has always been known that additional compensation always boosts employee morale and encourages them to work better and become more productive and useful.Please tell us about any special accomplishments or projects that you have involved into to improve any aspect of the practice.As mentioned, I have been in the practice for over 13 years. more so I believe I have performed well enough indicated by being able to serve the same industry for more than a decade. As far as I know, I have accomplished what is expected of my performance. Otherwise, I would not have lasted long.In addition, to be able to improve my skills, I practice well at work and really put my heart into what I am doing. The doctors are continuously training me. And eventually, if given more recognition to pay costs for my schooling, I am planning to delve into a Dental Hygiene program sponsored by this community college to be able to enhance more my skills and become a more productive clinician.Other comments? When an employee violates the rules in the practice repetitively in every category, what action do you take to make sure that the doctors get the respect they want out of the employees?I believe one of my strengths is that I know well what I am doing and that I am confident of what I do as a clinical coordinator. As I have said, being on this job for a lot of years has put me in a short letter where I am assured of my capabilities, and my potentials.With regards to respect, I believe in the clich give respect to earn it. Doctors and employees alike, no matter who is the boss of whom, deserves to be respected and properly treated. This involves complying with the proper and professional orders of the doctors, for the sake of their professional work. And the doctors in turn, give to the employees also high regard for the dedication they put on their works and give them rightful recognition.What are the areas that need improvement?I think, training the new employees, especially the new ones must be given proper attention. It has always been good to start working with much needed meaningful stick. This go forth definitely improve the clinical employees skills and practice them even more making them knowledgeable and more experience when it comes to first hand practice and on the job training.Where do you see yourself in the next year and what steps would you like to take to get there? Probably a year from now, I would be taking one or two classes a quarter, hopefully halfway done with pre-requisites. I will still be working fulltime and hopefully be a super treatment coordinator and become more trained and knowledgeable in diagnosing treatments.Two to three years from now, I hope to refinement my pre-requisites and be able to prepare for dental hygiene examinations. But of course, I would not want to put up my work so I will still be working fulltime, probably 38 to 40 hours per week.And about five years from now, I may have completed by dental hygiene program having passed the examination.All these plans will help me not just boost my knowledge and skills, but also gain a higher degree of expertise about my chosen profession or career.

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