Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Wave power renewable energy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Wave power renewable energy - Essay Example In the similar manner, wind energy converts the wind to energy. On the other hand, non renewable energy resources utilize fossil fuel resources like coal, petroleum oil and natural gas to produce energy. Non renewable energy resources produce immense amount of green house emissions. Non renewable energy resources are going to end one day but renewable energy resources are not going t end till the end of the earth. The prices of oil and gas are rising day by day and renewable energy resources are free for all. Wave energy is also a renewable form of energy has several advantages over on renewable energy resources. Wave energy converts the hydrodynamic energy of the waves to a usable energy form (mostly electricity). Waves are formed due to the impact of the high winds on the surface of oceans. When a wave id formed an immense amount of water is forced to displace. The displacement of the water can be changes to energy. Wave energy is a renewable form of energy as it produces no green house gas emission and requires no fuel to generate energy (Henderson, 2006, p.271). Several methods are utilized to convert the wave energy to electricity. One method of the wave energy conversion is to utilize the high surge of air blasting through an enclosed air trapping body. The high surge of air rotates the air turbine with an immense power. The turbine is directly connected to an alternator r generator that converts the mechanical energy to electrical energy (Australian Ethical, 2014). Other methods include the hydraulic pressure generation, hydroelectric turbine generation and linear generator. The power generation method utilizing the hydraulics captures the wave energy by using the submerged wave columns. When a wave comes, water is hydraulically pressured by the water columns to move the turbine blades directly from the high pressurized water or utilized to be filled in a reservoir. The water from

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