Monday, August 12, 2019

ESSAY Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Essay Example In most cases, the novel meets unfavorable criticism about the limitations faced by females. She describes her role as the mother and does her best to portray the best motherhood and wife of the family. I this situation, the place of women in the American society is taken as care givers and housewives whose mandate is to take care of their children. In another occasion, after the death of John, Alcott is faced with difficult responsibilities. She takes in a full responsibility to provide for the family. This is taken as deviant within the society. Women became victims of the patriarchy society. However, in the story, Loisa felt much distressed by her poor family and felt responsible to play her part. She is considered a heroin in the way she went against the feminism and played her role as the only family bread winner. The death of her husband gave her much humility which later helped her in the fight for feminism in America (Knellwolf et al., 2001). In â€Å"the things they carried†, the cast is comprised of soldiers with the narrator being one of them. Different soldiers are distinguished through out the story by the items that they carry. O’ Brien points out the things carried by the soldiers who include both emotional and physical, whereby they all carry major military items (Knellwolf et al., 2001). The ambiguity of war and the tenuousness of morality demonstrate how exposure to the carnage of the nations at war leads to soldiers developing twisted perspectives on what is right and wrong. The ambiguity that consumes the narratives of the things they carried is displayed with much irony for the moral. In such stories, it is depicted that there is no moral at all. O’ Brien is much affected by the theory of psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud. Soldiers are said to walk around the fire in a state of much boredom and tension. This tension drives them crazy. In this situation, O’Brien describes the way the y cover their fear in a rational

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