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Employment training Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Employment training - Essay Example In contrast to this, both government and employers are still faced with several challenges on the level of expertise of such staff and the total contributions achieved by the children from such experiences (Buchen 2005, Tassoni; et al.2002). While there is still need to adjust staff to children ratio, the government still maintains its policy that, the training staffs must be holders of either Certificate grade III or Diploma after completing the preliminary training in childcare practices. This has created a lot of challenges to the employers on a continual demand for trained teachers (Reitz 2004). Currently, the Australian government policy has generated much concern about the impact of insufficient number of childcare staffs and the trainers of young children. The main point of concern is that, in future if this trend continues then there would be a very big deficit of workers needed to provide education to the young children. Besides, the potential demand in institutions for trai ners, consequence is being felt by the institutional owners who have resorted to sourcing for childcare staffs internationally as stiff policy by the Australian government bites to underplay the education industry for young children (OECD 2001). Considering some of the initiatives by the Australian government, for the early child development staffs to either, attain Diploma levels or source for more expatriates from other countries has been touted. However, less significant impact has been received because other countries are also in dire need of such people and being a competitive industry, most skilled personnel’s only seek opportunity in places where good rewards in terms of remunerations can be achieved certainly, in places such as Asia or the United States. Furthermore, the demand for early childhood education teachers may have also been created in their countries of origin (McKenzie and Santiago 2005). According to ABC news report, the new requirements, which have been put in place by the Australian government on the childhood graduate trainees, has forced most of institutional owners to consider staffs oversees. Mr. Colbert childhood education staff from Majura Children Park Canberra explains that, the policy has interfered with the recruitment locally since, most of the graduates still miss to have the additional requirements of the Diploma requirements subjecting the organizations to consider international staffs. Another point of concern has been noted by Ranstad education recruiter, who has given observation that in several vacancy advertisements, most of the potential applicants would be found to have come from the Diaspora (ABC News 2013). Some of the organizations allied to the government have embraced the reforms to have all childhood education teachers to advance the level of training inline line with the current policy. However, most of the teachers who are currently working see it as wastage of time because the syllabus being taught at those levels had actually been covered at the undergraduate. In addition, the training is not meant for free as it comes at an additional cost impacting unnecessary expenses on what is perceived to have been learnt earlier on at the university by teachers in practice (OECD 2006). Some of the national requirements considered to be of greeter challenge to this education industry are amongst: Half the staffs at every daycare center must be a holder of diploma in early childhood e

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