Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Expensive Books At University Wisconsin Milwaukee Assignment

Expensive Books At University Wisconsin Milwaukee - Assignment Example The current situation in the university is that there are many items in the library but the students find them beyond their reach due to their expensive nature. The affordability of the textbook is beyond the reach of many students and the situation is accelerated by the current economic inflation. This means that learning is jeopardized and improvement of education in the school will lag behind. The price of books and supplies in the university is $1000. This contributes to a larger part of the school fee making it the costly factor in the student's life. For resident students, the total cost for one academic year totals up to $18775 whereas a non-resident student pays up to $28504. From this figure, tuition for resident students totals up to $8091 and tuition fee for nonresident student totals up to $17820. This shows how the high costs of the books affect the student’s fee, which may be costly to some and will be a great hindrance to effective learning. Estimates of the Number of Students to Buy Books The number of students in a particular institution is important in establishing the value of books to be bought. It also is important in estimating the limit to which students may be added to enable them to afford the books. The books should be adequate to facilitate each student to be in reach of the books anytime they are required to use them. Evaluation of Price against Potential Students to Buy Books The prices of books strongly depend on the number of students willing and able to buy the books.

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