Friday, October 25, 2019

Flags of All Countries :: Essays Papers

Flags of All Countries Flags hold a personal fascination for me. On the World Wide Web, â€Å"Flags of all Countries† made me sit up and take notice. This site can be found at I have written of certain flags and the memories they invoke in the past. Who would have thought so much information could be packed into a site that at face value is about rectangular pieces of fabric? Even though I did no research of my own into this area, the site seemed factual and well documented. Flags of all Countries chose as their â€Å"Web Master† noteworthy ITA, or Information Technology Associates. This company specializes in geographic references, web design, software, and domestic and international flags. ITA is a company that strives to help people by making information available. They sell software to immigrants, the United States government, foreign governments, large corporations, hospitals, and to interested individuals. With such a broad range of consumers, ITA has established a reputable, trustworthy reputation. Photius Coutsoukis, a man known and rewarded for his online translators and online stores, founded Information Technology Associates in 1994. From that date the company blossomed from an education site for United States immigrants to a software boutique, e-merchant, and a major Internet publisher. All this information contributed to the credibility of the â€Å"Flags of all Countries† site. â€Å"Flags of all Countries† is also very user friendly. Every contemporary country in the world is listed. Each country listed is a link to either a list of the states in that country or the flag of the country itself. This list is located in the visible center column where it is easily accessible. The site also has links located on a column on the left side where the user can find the symbolism and brief history of each flag, or bring up â€Å"quick-maps† of any and all countries. Also available is information on immigration and general facts about the specific countries listed. There is so much information offered it appears impossible to exhaust. This site also gives the user an opportunity to easily paste any of the flags on a personal web page.

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