Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Changes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Changes - Essay Example Fertility decline and population aging will have a dramatic effect on society and if these problems are nor addressed will only become more severe in the future. The increase in age population will also increase the population ratio to population dependency. There will be problems with the long term care of the elderly. The costs of that dependency is born by the Government and ultimately by a society through taxes in an ever diminishing workforce due to a decline in fertility. Of course a decline in the birthrate will leave a short fall in all forms of employment both professional and menial. There will definitely be a labor shortage. The decline in birthrate effects the living arrangements of the elderly. There are more elderly living alone and the strong family support that is prevalent in most societies will weaken.With less family to help , the elderly persons financial position will also weaken and lead to serious financial difficulties. Immigration has always been one of the answers to labor shortage throughout the world. â€Å"Large-Scale Immigration is Suggested as a Solution to Declining Workforces in Western Nations.†(Wikipedia.) This alone will not solve the problem and major changed to government policies will be needed to buck the trend of low fertility. The distance between the working life and family life will be needed to be brought closer together to encourage families to have more children. Issues such as child care subsidies and parental work policies taking in flexible work hours and parental leave need to be looked at. Quality and affordable childcare will need to be provided. Although Government policies to reverse the trend of low birthrate and the consequent aging population will be slow and the benefits will not be seen for many years but these issues need to be addressed now in Germany and Italy to ensure a fruitful future for both

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