Friday, October 18, 2019

Divorce ( by lack of communication skills) Essay

Divorce ( by lack of communication skills) - Essay Example So many times, people think of listening as simply hearing the words. This is not the case though as the process involves hearing the words, thinking about them and analyzing what the message is being conveyed beyond the words. Reacting quickly and furiously to words is just a sign of hearing but not listening, often resulting to a fight which eventually puts a hedge between couples if not breaking the bridge between them. On the other hand, speaking is construed as saying words to communicate what is in one’s mind. Howbeit, this is usually abused with one party wanting to be considered most of the time. This causes problems which could result to getting tired of a spouse’s much talk, leading to bickering that could worsen to fights and eventually separation. Concurrently, silence would be the resort of the partner who does not like to fight verbally which is a form of communication problem with the person involved being unable to express what is in his heart. Behind communication as a cause for divorce, there are still so many issues that need to be considered which this paper can not contain due to some restrictions. In any case, it is the purpose of this paper to show that communication problem is one of the reasons for divorce which was discussed earlier. In this regard, it might be good for couples to have counseling on this to reduce the risks of divorce which can cause lack of con fidence, and more communication

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