Saturday, July 20, 2019

Okay to Digital Violence :: essays research papers

2500 years ago the Romans were the most powerful civilization on earth, their global power hadn’t been met until the 20th century. When the Romans wanted entertainment they turned to violence. They would have gladiators covered in armor wielding sharp swords fight till the death for entertainment. During the 1500’s the French would behead a criminal publicly to show the citizens how powerful the law was and also for their entertainment. The turn of the century is almost here and such violent acts have all but been abolished. These acts are considered barbaric and we think of ourselves as a more peaceful race. Humans in general are not peaceful in nature, we have always been violent and we shouldn’t try to change our nature as drastically as we have done. There are going to be side effects that we aren’t aware of if we try to remove this important part of our nature. Humans need some form of violence to help cope with stress and the everyday hassles we have created for ourselves. Now with new technology and faster computers we no longer need to injure someone to get that needed amount of violence. Simulated violence is a more humane way of dealing with such problems. Groups of people should partake in sessions of simulated violence to get the dosage of violence they need. When I speak of simulated violence I speak of video games and more specifically multi-player video games. A single-player video game is one where a single person is engaged against the computer. This form of play can help relive stress but not nearly as much as a multi-player game. A multi-player game is one where at least 2 people are playing against each other. Multi-player games highly satisfy the need for violence because it becomes easy to show aggression against someone with injury or personal harm. I have been a player of these games since I was younger and I have participated in many multi-player games. The games I have been evolved in mostly had at least 3 players and are generally at night and during the weekend. Games consisting of only 2 players aren’t played as frequently as a game with more simply because they aren’t as entertaining.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  A session of playing will start almost whenever there are a few men in the vicinity of a playing console. The game playing can usually become the centerpiece of a small party, enabling the players to enjoy playing and all bystanders to watch what unfolds while waiting their turn.

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