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Human being Essay Example for Free

Human being Essay There has always been a concern as to why some people behave in some weird ways that not any ordinary person will act in such a manner. It is a fact that all individuals are different from each other but there are expectations that human beings have over others. That certain character trait should not be expected in a normal human being. A study into the issues of psychopath and sociopath will help to show some light to the question of how different persons can be described and classified in a view of understanding human behavior and human psychology. Who are psychopaths or sociopaths? According to Patrick (2007) a psychopath or a sociopath is an individual who displays unique unordinary behaviors as compared to the other normal human beings. Such an individual shows signs of not having any guilt or troubled conscience for something he or she has done which is wrong, likes putting blame on other people for the mistakes that he or she commits, likes lying all the time about several issues, do not value other people as fellow human beings, get involved in destructive actions fights and wars, some are sexually irresponsible, have low self control, not realistic in whatever they plan and do, and seem to attract the attention of others by portraying a false picture of themselves among other unordinary behaviors. What are the causes? As argued in Goldstein and Weiner (2003) there are some reasons that have been found out to result in the development of such character traits some of them include; in born traits that a person inherits from his or her family background, some could happen where the society in which people live in draws lines of behaviors that seem to be extra ordinary from the rest of others in the society, would come also as a result of the influences of the external environment and as a result of the adaptive strategies in a bid to survive in the world with others and the problems and experiences that a person underwent while growing will also contribute like if a person was exposed to violent circumstances in hi or her childhood the same things are likely to be done by that person. Is the female psychopath different from the male sociopath? How and in what way? Why is this important to understand? The way in which a female psychopath behaves tends to be more similar to that of their male counterparts although the ratio of male to female a bit higher. The kind of activities that they involve themselves in are the ones that will help to distinguish the differences but basically the same idea is that they all display behaviors that seem to be unruly, Berecz (1999). A female psychopath will show behaviors like; most of them would not want to get into a serious marriage commitment by staying with a husband but instead would prefer to stay alone with her children, would want to be draw the attention of the people around her, likely to mistreat her own children, she does not want to strive for anything that can help her but instead will want other people to do everything she is supposed to do for her benefit Million, Simonsen and Smith (2003). According to Gill and Barraclough (2007) such a female person is too proud of herself and could want to have all the things that others have to herself. In some cases will want to attempt suicide as a way to deal with her problems, all her life she will be blaming other people for the miseries she might be undergoing. She engages in criminal activities like conning people their belongings, leading people to crimes, are drug addicts of a high extent with their life styles leading to sex exploits and males and females they way she wishes for herself which in some instances could include killing. As discussed in Herve and Yuille (2007) the males will involve themselves in very many sexual relationships with women and will be able to convince women with a lot of ease to get into relationships with him. He tends to spend his money in a reckless way, like involving themselves in criminal activities like murder, violent robberies, once he marries he is likely to abandon his wife and children and being unfaithful to the other spouse. Involve themselves in ungodly acts like having sex with the animals, would like to cover his weaknesses with good acts like being generous with his wealth. They are also likely to drug addicts like alcohol, bhang among others. Conclusion According to the analysis that has been made above the way Female psychopaths behave is different from the way male sociopaths would behave because men are more energetic and will display the disorders that they have with relating with others by use of applying force in either fighting, car breaking , among other physical means of applying force. As for the females their disorders will be see through the various reacts that a female will undertake like her talking and other means of communication. They involve themselves in many sexual relationships and will get away with it from all the partners without admitting to that behavior among others Berecz (1999). Word count 876 References Alan Goldstein, Irving Weiner (2003). Forensic psychology: Forensic psychology. John Wiley and sons publishers. Christopher J. Patrick (2007). Handbook of Psychopathy. Guilford press. David Gill, Jennifer Barraclough (2007). Hughes’ outline of modern psychiatry. 5th edition, John Wiley and sons publishers. John M. Berecz (1999). Sexual styles: a psychologist’s guide to understanding our lover’s personality. Humanics publishing group H Herve, John C. Yuille (2007). The psychopath: theory, research and practice. Routledge publishers. Theodore Million, E. Simonsen, M. B smith (2003). Psychopapthy: Antisocial, criminal and violent behavior. Guilford press. .

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