Thursday, July 25, 2019

Financial issues Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Financial issues - Assignment Example The global financial crisis is one that has affected many companies. This has led to many changes with regard to the various regulations that exist. There is development in financial planning and the management of wealth (Elizabeth 1156). The article critically discusses this and shows the manner through which the global financial crisis of 2008 has led to trading of financial instruments. There is also the existent issue in modern days with regard to financial instruments that brings up the question of disclosure in the relevant industries and a case in example is what happens in Brazil mostly (Malaquias 95). Many companies do not seem to appreciate the value of privacy in an organization. In modern days, privacy is so poor such that financial statements of various debtors are portrayed to other people that attend to the same bank. Financial reporting is also important as some people fail to offer the important information that is necessary for financial instruments and planning. This information is such as the actual assets that the company or individual bears (Mark 3). It is important for these people to offer exact information to assist in the actual planning of a person’s or the investment of the company. Malaquias, Fernandes. â€Å"Disclosure of financial instruments according to International Accounting Standards: empirical evidence from Brazilian companies.† Brazilian Business Review, 2013: 10, 3. Pgs 82 – 107. Elizabeth, Blankespoor. â€Å"Fair Value Accounting for Financial Instruments: Does It Improve the Association between Bank Leverage and Credit Risk?† Accounting Review, 2013, 88, 4. Pgs 1143 –

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