Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Special Christmas Time Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Special Christmas Time - Essay Example The essay "The Special Christmas Time" presents the description of author's impression regarding Christmas. The time of joy, presents and pleasant surprises! You never know when you come to realize new things in your life. It seems that Christmas has a unique power to open the doors to new personal discoveries. Hurrying to work and back home, one gets into a circle of everyday problems, unable to see and perceive the real joys of every day. Christmas time brings you to a totally different world getting you from that circle and whirling into a world of wonders and fairy discoveries. Looking at the turmoil of Christmas time – people hurrying, buying presents, decorating their homes – you get the mood of the holiday, some burning wish that something unexpected and good can happen on the Eve of the greatest of the Christian holidays. You expect this good to come from some unexpected source and look forward to the wonder to come from the distance while this wonder is really within you and nobody but you are responsible for the miracle to enter your life. The awareness of the miracle came to me this Christmas. The preparation for the celebration was the same like other years – the same excited people choosing presents to their relatives and friends, the same decoration on the neighboring houses, the same wish of unexpected discoveries. This year I bought some presents for my wife and children. As always, I arranged everything near New Year Tree. Suddenly in the glossy toy ball hanging from the tree branch.

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