Sunday, November 17, 2019

Operations Management Essay Example for Free

Operations Management Essay Garland Company is a company known for its excellence when it comes to manufacturing product representing various combinations of reinforcement ma materials, surfacing materials, polymer components, and specific additives such as fire retardants, fibers, and fillers. The company originated in from US in 1895 and to extended distribution in Europe, Garland Company established their branch in Gloucester, England in 2001 called Garland Company U. K. , Ltd. For Garland Company, the best formula for future success is the combination of solid culture, traditional values, high integrity plus the product, strategies, service and technologies. That is why the employees of Garland understand clearly their importance in the company. The Garland’s ISO certification for research and development started in 1998 and up to now they still live up to that quality standard by producing quality products. Every aspect of Garland manufacturing is monitored through ISO 9000 certification processes, which include regular independent audits to ensure predictable, consistent adherence to world-class standards of quality. That is why the company’s products are backed-up with some of the strongest warranties in the commercial and industrial roofing and building maintenance industries.

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